I Care

Not that I would hurt anybody but I do enjoy feeding on myself. It is crazy how fast you will believe the words spoken about you when you have been forced to listen to them every single day. All I want to do is love myself and save that starving child that is inside. I know it might take a lifetime to finally get to where I am going all I am trying to do is share with the rest of the world that I am here and that I care.

Hello Death, Can You See Me?

I think about my mom whom I haven’t seen in years and all I want to do is get into my car and drive. I think about my Dad and my sister’s who will forever hate me and it takes everything inside of me to not want to cry. I think that is why I began to close myself off from the Universe because if my own blood don’t even want me what shot in the dark do I actually have?

When We Are Dead

The void that happens instantly when part of our family doesn’t come home is heart breaking. I know that we aren’t meant to be here forever but our hearts sure do bleed the moment they decide to go on and leave.

Appreciate A Moment

I could tell that everything surrounding this moment was different. I could tell that through her pain she could no longer recognize the family she had loved over this last few years. I want to scream and trash their office out of anger but then I realize that will never let her come home and would only have me acting as a fool.

To Be Human

I am only human and it is inevitable that I am going to make mistakes. I am going to make mistakes that I don’t even know I am making and there will be nights when those mistakes will keep me awake. We should all feel accepted in the bodies that we were born to be instead of being hated, made to conform into somebody else.

Nobody to Talk Too

To live vicariously with little or no fear of what is being said or even what is happening around you wouldn’t that be the most ideal way to live? You wouldn’t have to worry if anybody was around or if anybody cared to listen to you, you could go on with a full heart and live to have the grandest day.

The Devil Inside

It was like my dad always said, tragedy will find you depending upon the company you decide to keep around. You hang around with bad people and bad things will happen but what happens when those bad people seem to be way out of your control?

Imagine an Existense

Why would this one person be privy to an action that billions upon billions would have wished to have done? I still believe that they took an opportunity to try and control how they believed other people should be. Think about it? They manipulated the situation at a time when not many could even read. The tales that were told were handed down from their lips to our ears and then we took it all as being gospel so we didn’t know what we were supposed to believe.

What Does Death Look Like?

What does death look like? Why I think he is in the faces of all of our family and friends. There is a clock that is always ticking for us and will keep doing so until the day that we get too old. Why is it we are scared when we are all destined to go through the same thing? I think it has to do with the unknown and all the uncertainty with it that death brinks.

A Life of Anxiety and Being Depressed

Sometimes I think that I miss who I used to be but then I remember the truth and the reality. What I allowed to happen under the guise of it being ok was truly never going to be that way. In order to let go of all the bad things that happened to me I have to accept that the Universe had and always will be in control and in the end, I will come out ok.