A Life of Anxiety and Being Depressed

Sometimes I think that I miss who I used to be but then I remember the truth and the reality. What I allowed to happen under the guise of it being ok was truly never going to be that way. In order to let go of all the bad things that happened to me I have to accept that the Universe had and always will be in control and in the end, I will come out ok.

Scared of My Own Shadow

Give back to ALL life like it is your last. It never ceases to amaze me how often so many of us just do the basics leaving the meat and potatoes of it to be done by our fellow men. If you believe the lies told about me then I think we have come to a drawing point in the sand. I don’t need another friend who doesn’t give a damn about me when I am doing the very best that I can. Y’all just don’t get it how exhausting one becomes when you can see through all their lies. Those are the ones who are the true empath’s and all too often we are the ones who are always being despised because we call y’all out and pin you down until we get the truth.

Sealed with Love (Sweet Ruby Bluez) xx

There are so many reasons why I want to give up. There are so many more why I won’t. When I chose to give myself up freely to the powers that may be I had no idea the directional course it would put me on. I can’t tell you what it feels like. What I know though is somewhere through all the smoke and mirrors I know that there is pain and there is hurt and if I didn’t at least try and make the World a better place… I had to at least try.

Two Stepping with the Devil

There is no denying the actuality of our life line being incredibly turbulent. No great feet was ever meet with some incredible time, patience and perseverance. What I began to notice the longer that I try to hang on for the ride is that there is always this natural instinct of knowing what is the…

Making My Way Back Home

Reflections in time are like song of the future. You are never to sure of their existence. You want to believe in all that there is. All that is possible and all that can be. That is the beauty and mystery of life isn’t it? To go to your natural limitations then try to push through. Don’t you want to exceed on the person you were from yesterday or do you just want to do what some have before you and just let the natural course of life slide through your fingers. There is no time like the present. You will never be younger more youthful then you are in this moment.

Family the Root of All Evil (or just a few poisoned few)

Yes we would all love to hold the hand of those that created us. The ones that first looked down upon us before we took our first breath. With the billions of people that are inhabiting the Earth though we have come to learn how to recreate that love. Yes it will always be a tiny bit different. But what I love about the love that is born upon us is the one that we get to create through commitment and determination. That your family that you are creating is worth living for. Only you can work towards ending the toxicity that threatens to poison us all.

Not All Fairy Tales Comes True

I stand on top of the cliff looking down at the water beating furiously on the rocks below. Reaching my hand into my pocket I feel the envelope cold in my hands. I want to take it out again but can’t. The words written on the envelope I sent in a red scrawl taunting me…

Every Woman has some kind of Daddy Issues

***let me start by saying it seems the world is far too sensitive these days. It’s like we can’t even share ideas or thoughts without offending somebody. Some issues are very serious and if reaching out to people can take away their pain, well I am sorry if I offend any one in the process…

The Price for Freedom

The haunting images take over the internet as the realization that some still fight for freedom takes residency in my head. In a world that is supposed to be more advanced both on a technological and on a human level it is hard to let the reality sink in. We are all familiar with the…