A Blessing from Above

The entity that is stronger is the one that fights tooth and nail just to survive. There will be kindness in the eyes of a stranger that you have never seen before and probably never will ever see again. If you don’t grasp onto that moment before it is forgotten did life even happen or did you find a way to waste it all away?

A Life Pre-Lived

My social media was becoming the same way. I like to have a purpose for people to come and find me but it didn’t matter anyways because most people didn’t come and stay. Does that make sense? Kind of. It’s like I think it’s just a numbers game for most people. They think once they have you sticking around that you will always stick around so they don’t have to buy into what you are saying or giving you their support.

Nobody to Talk Too

To live vicariously with little or no fear of what is being said or even what is happening around you wouldn’t that be the most ideal way to live? You wouldn’t have to worry if anybody was around or if anybody cared to listen to you, you could go on with a full heart and live to have the grandest day.

Midday Reading

Middle of the day thoughts are the worst I find because my thoughts are just scattered. What I thought I would be writing about at 3 am I am no longer and I don’t know if I should feel bothered.

What Does Death Look Like?

What does death look like? Why I think he is in the faces of all of our family and friends. There is a clock that is always ticking for us and will keep doing so until the day that we get too old. Why is it we are scared when we are all destined to go through the same thing? I think it has to do with the unknown and all the uncertainty with it that death brinks.

Come Out and Play

One day at a time right? One moment. One minute. Try to be appreciative of what is happening right in front of you instead of trying to predict what is coming. Whatever it is you fear the most will soon be coming and on it’s way. There is nothing wrong with that energy in the moment it is just the demons that have finally won and have decided to come out and play.

Beyond Accommodation

There are too many people these days and I am not sure where to find myself or even begin to look. I put myself out there to find like minded individuals because I know that it is in finding ourselves that we can finally accept our truths. We are more than just the bodies that we find ourselves in and we can do more to control our overall health. We don’t have to be accommodating to everybody it is ok to leave some things unsaid. Easier said then done right when we all are itching to flap our gums. I think we need to be more aware of our surroundings and who is taking notes instead of putting our noses in the air so high that one day we will choke.

Keep Shining Bright

So I try to keep the life force shining bright inside of me even though that I know there are others around me that are trying to blow it out. I should focus so much on those who are trying to deter me and should focus more on how I can get out of here. Not out of here physically but to a more glorious mental state. One that isn’t so contradicting in order for me to feel some kind of relief so I search for it myself. I look for the answers of life that I need to keep me going and I think that is all that somebody needs. Something that we can find if we just keep looking for the answers deep within oneself.

That Was Hard

Why do we care so much with what is happening when we are out instead of worrying about the sanity of those we call family and keeping them safe. There is keeping them safe and then there is being overbearing, not letting them get their foot hold in an already crazy world. Perception is in the eyes of the beholder and I think that should be the focus instead of zeroing in on the only things we can see.

A Life Unlived

What do I know? Nothing. But I try to get some insight to all the lives that have lived before. I think about the Goddesses throughout time and wonder if they behaved in such a way or if is only modern day society that makes us believe that we are brave. Brave to show off who we really are to the outside world or have we just made ourselves all up because we have become too scared to even breathe. What I like to consider is all the things that the darkness tries to take away all before I become confident to step into the light.