Light It Up

Anyways that’s my daily rant and I am sticking to it. No since arguing over spilled milk because you know at the end of the day if a cat ain’t around to clean it up then I best be getting it done. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill if I can prevent it at the starting line. I know most days what I need to do to get things done it is just a matter of putting the blinders on and trying to remain incredibly focused. Committed to the task at hand like only a soul on fire could ever dream of mastering one day. Why chase the chance at finding true love when you can find it in yourself after all this time? Become your own best friend like your life depended on it and radiate your truth from the sky. Nobody can promise you that it will be worth it in the end but only you will ever know. Don’t give those who only wish to see you fail that satisfaction of finally seeing you fail. Lit it up tall and high like only you can and ever will.

One Day

To live life a little differently and to always be honest and speak your truth. I am not scared of what can be done to me but more what I am capable of and I will surround me with the strongest until my voice is heard. I keep trying and throwing all the sh*t hoping that one day something will eventually stick. And some times something does in an indirect way but more often than not it is saved up for another day. One day will come where this will all be forgotten and I will be taken away. Have I done all that I have set out to do or in life will I always be determined to remain calm and simply find another way.

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life or is it impending doom? We keep carrying our garbage like it is going to just disappear. Sooner or later we are going to fall through this gas filled planet once we remove all the land mass. Garbage floats right? I think I have heard this talk about space garbage. Just because there is no limits to the galaxy that is so infinite doesn’t mean we have to be so hell bent on destroying it!!

Some Like it Hot

Everything has a price including ones own sanity. The constant doubt and worry of failure nipping at your heels and feeding on your soul. If it weren’t for good people I would have nothing left. There are a few who make this existing more than tolerable and to them I would give my last breath. They bring a smile to my face and make my heart beat out of my chest. I burst with pride in just knowing they exist and I am so thankful they include me along on the ride.

In Some Sort of Way

To be hated is one thing but to find true love entirely another. What if love is supposed to be something that is meant to escape me? Maybe all those years ago when I was just a child I was presented with a life that could have turned out great but I declined and ran the other way. Why would I do that? Maybe it was out of guilt? Out of fear that being happy would mean I would dishonour my beginning in some sort of way. Hence why I believe that we should honour every being whose feet has hit the soil and stop being condescending to those who appear a wee bit different then those or those beings we try so hard to never understand.

Blinded By Life

A fool and his money are soon parted but what happens to the fool when it comes to his mind? Nothing permeates our inner being faster than trying to fit in, up to and including lying to the world about who it is we are to become. I know my mind and I know my truth and my reality is that I was born to never fit in with the rest of the world. Sure it is isolating. Like a one man island but I would rather live here than where I was living before. Most friends and family only come around when they need something so I cut them off. My mind is to fragile to constantly be playing games with those that will never keep my sanity in mind.

Am I Spoiled? (or do you just ask the wrong people)

I live my life like today was my last no matter who I find myself surrounded by or who could potentially enter the room. That is what makes me lucky. That inherent sense of self worth. The idea that I am just as worthy as any being as long as I live organically and stand by a sense of morals and truth. I don’t need validation anymore from those that will never understand. Am I spoiled, lucky, or just insistent on living my best life like this would be my last day on Earth. I know what dying feels like just like I know what it feels like to come back. There are those that we keep close to us that are just counting the time before we say our final goodbyes. Good people are felt and not heard like so many people think. I don’t mind sitting in the shadows to wait for an entity that feels good instead of constantly diluting my own self worth.

A Squirrel and Its Nuts

A squirrel doesn’t. A squirrel won’t. Best to keep some secrets secret and wait till later on for the grand reveal. A squirrel and his nuts are only looking out for number one. They have to. In failing to do so they open themselves up to a world of starvation and failure the likes that there ancestors have ever known, but humans like to try. Humans like to make it so living feels unbearable and you will do anything to speed up the hands of father time to beat out the decay. That is who we have become as beings. An obsessive need to always come out on top while others are led astray. I see your nuts and I raise you a whole empire. I know who I am and what drives me crazy and all others have no chance but to move forward, just walk along and go away.

Beginning Again

That’s why I get mildly jealous at some women’s success. I truly want what they have but not at anybody else’s expense. Maybe I am tired and I am carrying on. When does this stuff begin to happen or should I just forget and move along. Am I not worthy of that? And if not then what is my life supposed to mean? How do I begin to find the answers that I know can’t be found in a magazine. A deeper reflection of self means I need to dig further in. Where do I go from here though? When tomorrow comes will I even know where to begin?

Love Your Skin

So there you have it. A nice and simple easy to do recipe to help you love the skin you are in. I have made a little tutorial for you all because I truly want us to be the best version of ourselves possible and we all truly do deserve to shine xx