The Ego Behind Big Business

Nobody should have ever been made to feel like their life force was less than perfect. The holes that we have been content with will one day divide this great nation. There has to be consequences for an egotistical mind hell bound and comforted with it’s own conceit. One was to ensure that another was prosperous the other made sure that the others would have nothing to eat. Big businesses and their gluttonous, cannibalistic ways won’t be content till they have their own ways.

“She’s Not Pin-Up”

So am I Pin-Up? Heartbreakingly I will have to now say no. Those I thought had the best intentions for the world had fallen from grace in my eyes. I used to adore and admire their positive ways but fell out of love with them for obvious reasons. When you hold the public’s eye captive for even a moment you have a responsibility to live differently.

What is an Empath?

I feel way too much and that’s what drove me to drugs and just needing to feel numb for just a little bit. The problem with an empath is we are to busy feeling others energies and then all of a sudden it is ours being ignored. I just want to live happy enjoying my family and friends. Is that too much to ask in this world, I think sometimes it is.

Ignorance or Bliss

Is it ignorance or bliss that fuels us? Do we see ourselves in our true image or is it just the image that we are trying to portray. On some level it is that portrayal of ignorance that draws us in. That desire to help those that appear to want to be saved. Except in…

My Journey to Self Discovery

We can try to convince ourselves of anything as long as it makes sense in our own head Content in my own misery I try to find the rose colored glass I need to make sense of it all. I want to believe that I have found myself on the right place. At times it…

Have we Lost Our Way?

“To err is to humane, to forgive divine.” If we could give ourselves the gift of forgiveness we will begin to heal or own hearts. So often the broken pieces came from our own hand.

The Haunting Melody of the Past (a review of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy)

So there is it. With the misguided illusion that we must know what life is we forget to experience it. We forget that there are lessons and hints written all throughout time. That the real power comes from being humble to the prospect that maybe just maybe you don’t know all. That the digressions of another can be the sanity that you seek

Can There be Contentment in Just Being a Housewife?

I knew it would take time to adjust to each others habits and likes. Some days though there just seems to be a genuine lack of appreciation for all that I do. Those days make me drag my feet a lil longer. I still get it done because it boils down to a sense of pride for me and a sanitary environment for my son.

What if I am never good enough?

Who define’s good enough? Good enough for who? When we try to focus on ourselves we get told we are selfish. That we aren’t doing enough for the World. Does the whole World actually matter if on the inside we are falling apart? We weren’t designed to live this life in misery.

Your Mind is the *sshole. Not you.

Is this the meaning of life? To be complete assholes and drive others into madness so they can never become the true form that they were destined to be. Have we destroyed our inner essence to the point that all we do is breed more negativity and hate.