What Brings Me Joy

I never allowed anybody to define my own happines although I have allowed one or two others to be the mastermind behind taking it all away. One of the only piece of advice my Dad gave me was to never put your eggs into one basket and I hope that you are brave enough to do the same. My Dad wasn’t. He couldn’t even follow his own advice. He let a coyote run havoc in his hen house and wouldn’t you know they had demolished all of his eggs.

A Traumatic Search to find My Authentic Self

I think that is why so many people think I am crazy or why I can so easy bring a tear to my eye. I know what it feels like to live broken and have those closest to you hate you so much you wish you could die. Instead of having a family that was supposed to love me I was treated like garbage and thrown away. I am sorry I was forced to endure this pain it is something that lives inside of me still to this day.

Highly Charged and Overly Emotional

I feel for those who did nothing more than being born then they are forced to live a life that not many would wish their worst enemy ever to endure. When kindness and compassion can be the emotion that reins supreme it never ceases to amaze me how others will chose to be.

I Don’t Want To Change

I finally get what people say when they don’t want anybody to change them. I feel like my husband is not able to accept me for who I am because he is incapable of loving me through all my emotional damage. Instead of telling me it will be ok and giving me a hug when I am manic he insults me and makes fun of me. Basically he just keeps pushing me further away.

No Going Back

I used to think that I stayed for my son but now I realize that something is just not right. There shouldn’t be so much anger and hate and not everything and every day has to turn into a massive fight. I have been pushed to my breaking point and now I fear that I may not be able to get put back together. With too much damage that is continuously occurring what hope or possibility do I ever have of surviving?

Change the Narrative

Sure take pride in your life and your appearance but never share what a lady does behind closed doors. I get we need to take control of our own identity but I think there is a fine line between acting like a whore. I guess that means I am slut shaming but I don’t think so at all. I believe we should take pride in our sexual identity but be a little more coy in allowing others to lust after what they can’t see. Why does it need to all be on display like that? I can see how it is designed to help one get attention but to some of us I think we are seeing too much.

Our Greatest Sin

We as humans will do anything to get to the top. Up to and including selling each other out. What we are told is to try and not let the words of others bother us so much but it is a seemingly impossible task to master and therefore do.

To Conceive Again?

Maybe it is my maternal clock I hear ticking that is pushing me towards a new life. There is something so calming and absolute perfection when there is a new sprout that has taken the opportunity to break through the dirt in order for it to get new air.

What I Want The World To Know

I can’t listen to this anymore. The fear of hearing all the ways that people in my life hate me just chills me to the core inside. Is there anything I can do to be forgiven for all the mistakes I have made? I feel desperate, scared, sick and confused.

When Rules Apply

I used to be mean because truly I was scared because I knew I was different then everybody else. I wish I could stop feeling all the emotions that make up everybody because this type of delusion is making me insane. Imagine caring about those that only care about you when nobody else wants to and everybody stops coming around. No not me. Not ever again. I would rather be alone then fall for that energy ever again.