A Blessing from Above

The entity that is stronger is the one that fights tooth and nail just to survive. There will be kindness in the eyes of a stranger that you have never seen before and probably never will ever see again. If you don’t grasp onto that moment before it is forgotten did life even happen or did you find a way to waste it all away?

To Love Life

I was born a small town girl with small town dreams and even smaller wishes so it makes it easier to believe why my life began to go array. From the minute I was born I was surrounded by animals. It didn’t matter what side you looked on animals were a presence so in my…

I am Weird

I am that weird one in this life that if I knew of you I want to honour you. My life is only blessed when I am able to see it through another’s eyes. I don’t believe I am worthy of anything other than what others have received and I would like to share what I have in order to help others believe. Not everybody is cool, crass and demented, there are those in your generally vicinity that just want to help you catch your breath in order for you to breathe.

Crippled by Ignorant Hatred

I like to think we are all human and it is a lot easier for us to be kind but what I realized is that so many people are so spiteful that they are ready to engage before you even get a chance to leave the house. I guess I should be attentive more and run away when my smile isn’t returned. I think that is how you can tell to avoid them at all costs, just take a look at their resting b*tch face. I used to think that I loved living in a small town now these ladies have resorted this community to trash. I can’t imagine being apart of something that truly exhibited a lack of class.

A Goddess Defined

A true Goddess knows her place in the world and although she wants to stand out she wants to live out her life peacefully too. She wants to bring happiness to all those that she meets through her homemaker skills and her own devices instead of taking all of her clothes off and engaging in another cheap thrill. It’s almost harder to live a life these days with your clothes on now that more of us are comfortable with taking them off. A true Goddess always maintains control of her body and emotions instead of allowing another being to take over and begin using her as a toy.

Left for Dead

All I want to do is get better and it seems to me he wants to hold me back. Anytime I say I am not feeling well it becomes a fight and I am not kidding you it is exhausting when all I want to do is get well. It’s hard isn’t it knowing who to trust. You never quite know anybody do you and I think that is the problem. Who do you trust in a sea full of sharks? The one with the biggest belly because he is probably full.

Things I Wish My Husband Knew

I don’t feel like I have a friend but somebody who is conspiring against me so he can get ahead. Devoid of any type of affection I wonder just how much more I can take. I don’t think it is normal for anybody to have to live this way. His honour lies with anybody other than me. I wish he could recognize the damage that he was doing that he can see just how much he was hurting me.

The Courage It Takes

There is something to be said for an existence that is irritating. Not to myself but to others that have found themselves near me. I think it is hard to hear about how so many people don’t have an acquired taste for me so I shut myself off from the world before it is my time to leave.

A Life Pre-Lived

My social media was becoming the same way. I like to have a purpose for people to come and find me but it didn’t matter anyways because most people didn’t come and stay. Does that make sense? Kind of. It’s like I think it’s just a numbers game for most people. They think once they have you sticking around that you will always stick around so they don’t have to buy into what you are saying or giving you their support.

Easily Aggravated

Isn’t oxygen one of the key ingredients to our make up so it would stand to reason that you would want to be breathing in the best. Maybe it has been all that noxious air of obscenities that has come and taken up residency inside of my lungs. I just need to keep on having the testicular fortitude to stick up for myself and demand the best of care that is specific to my tastes and therefore needs.