A Goddess Defined

A true Goddess knows her place in the world and although she wants to stand out she wants to live out her life peacefully too. She wants to bring happiness to all those that she meets through her homemaker skills and her own devices instead of taking all of her clothes off and engaging in another cheap thrill. It’s almost harder to live a life these days with your clothes on now that more of us are comfortable with taking them off. A true Goddess always maintains control of her body and emotions instead of allowing another being to take over and begin using her as a toy.

Nobody to Talk Too

To live vicariously with little or no fear of what is being said or even what is happening around you wouldn’t that be the most ideal way to live? You wouldn’t have to worry if anybody was around or if anybody cared to listen to you, you could go on with a full heart and live to have the grandest day.

Last Breath

I think that is what makes me believe that this life we are living maybe a ruse and that we are spiraling into our own demise. Don’t you feel a little bit suppressed and beat down sometimes? Like no matter how hard you try to run away from it all that you may just become all of their lives. That the sparkle that is you, is enough to light up the night sky. I hope we all get a chance to realize that moment before we take our last breath and die.

Psychedelic Daydreams

There are certain things in life we are forbidden to talk about because the pain that it emits cuts deep but there are also others things that should be spoken about because you can see how the stories, although forbidden intertwine.

Come Out and Play

One day at a time right? One moment. One minute. Try to be appreciative of what is happening right in front of you instead of trying to predict what is coming. Whatever it is you fear the most will soon be coming and on it’s way. There is nothing wrong with that energy in the moment it is just the demons that have finally won and have decided to come out and play.

Coming of Age

That is where I am weak. When I had a chance to fully believe in me I was left broken and I dared not to dream. Kind of like survival mood. I think that is where I feel like I can help. My teenage heart wishes that no other girl would ever have to endure a coming of age like me. That there is still value in being innocent and believing that happy endings can still come true.

Underneath the Darkness

Did you ever try so hard to get your happiness back, but you end up failing in every possible way? That when you felt your joy being sucked right out of you instead of running for the high hills you decided to turn and forever stay. What I thought was the best of an opportunity ended up crumbling right before my eyes. The only thing I can’t stop myself from thinking about is will I ever know happiness again before I die.

The Promiscuous Prude

It is ok to be a strong woman until you being strong, directly interferes with somebody else. The way you talk or wear your hair brings up memories of a time in their life of a way that something just had to be and because they weren’t strong enough for them to stick up for themselves back then they call you out instead. For nothing but being there you have now become collateral damage. And I for one don’t have time for all this nonsense in a moment in time where we have seemingly lost all control.

A Life Filled With Hate

Will I ever have a good night’s sleep again? Will I ever have a day that is filled with smiles and all of this abuse. I know what he is doing is designed to make me feel weak and keep feeling like I am the one that is crazy wondering what I did in this lifetime to deserve all this hurt. I can’t remember how it feels to not have to live this way. Is this life better than the solo life I lived at 37? I think the verdict is still out on that.

Am I Worthy?

The only person that matters right now in this family circle hates me larger than life. There is nothing I can do to make that man happy, and I think I am about to throw in the towel at being his wife. I struggle everyday just to breathe like most do and now I am being told I am doing it to be difficult or to get attention, that accusation rips my heart out and stabs me over and over again with a knife. At night I want to disappear. Just lay my head down and just drift away. I think it has almost become utterly impossible to believe that I am worthy enough to even life for one more day.