When We Are Dead

The void that happens instantly when part of our family doesn’t come home is heart breaking. I know that we aren’t meant to be here forever but our hearts sure do bleed the moment they decide to go on and leave.

A Hated Life

Imagine living this existence and I don’t mean just any existence I mean I have lived this life before. Somewhere between being a young girl and coming of age my eyes were wide open to what a relationship could possibly mean and I was scared of knowing more.

An Unseen Need

That’s where we go wrong. Failing to see the value that is derived from all life. We all were once a tiny seed until something got in our way and brought us into life. For no reason and if there was one it is completely out of our hands as we lose all types of control. We were never meant to be such an undesirable species hell bound and determined to destroy anybody who might have the courage to get in our way.

A Blessing from Above

The entity that is stronger is the one that fights tooth and nail just to survive. There will be kindness in the eyes of a stranger that you have never seen before and probably never will ever see again. If you don’t grasp onto that moment before it is forgotten did life even happen or did you find a way to waste it all away?

Crippled by Ignorant Hatred

I like to think we are all human and it is a lot easier for us to be kind but what I realized is that so many people are so spiteful that they are ready to engage before you even get a chance to leave the house. I guess I should be attentive more and run away when my smile isn’t returned. I think that is how you can tell to avoid them at all costs, just take a look at their resting b*tch face. I used to think that I loved living in a small town now these ladies have resorted this community to trash. I can’t imagine being apart of something that truly exhibited a lack of class.

Magickal Manipulations

I over analyze every thing because I am so scared that I am going to miss out. I am scared to let my true light shine out of fear it will be extinguished before I even let my heart lose to sing. One foot in the grave I suppose as I always anticipate that day. I need to think about how it is going to happen and if it is going to be painful of all things.

Imagine an Existense

Why would this one person be privy to an action that billions upon billions would have wished to have done? I still believe that they took an opportunity to try and control how they believed other people should be. Think about it? They manipulated the situation at a time when not many could even read. The tales that were told were handed down from their lips to our ears and then we took it all as being gospel so we didn’t know what we were supposed to believe.

What Does Death Look Like?

What does death look like? Why I think he is in the faces of all of our family and friends. There is a clock that is always ticking for us and will keep doing so until the day that we get too old. Why is it we are scared when we are all destined to go through the same thing? I think it has to do with the unknown and all the uncertainty with it that death brinks.

Come Out and Play

One day at a time right? One moment. One minute. Try to be appreciative of what is happening right in front of you instead of trying to predict what is coming. Whatever it is you fear the most will soon be coming and on it’s way. There is nothing wrong with that energy in the moment it is just the demons that have finally won and have decided to come out and play.

Use Less Words

Use less words so there is less words that can be taken out of context these days. I just want to exist in a life with less fighting and I could do with a lot less rage. I know the life I lived to get here so I don’t need words constantly thrown in my face. It would be nice just to live a serene existence with less tit and more tat and a silent acknowledgement of what is.