The Beautiful Unrest of a Soul on Fire

My true frustration comes when all I am looking for is basic human compassion. With so much passing of time we almost have to rekindle, or try and rekindle what is lost. In the changing World where everybody so quickly just gives up and moves on I am hesitant to do so.

Inside of Nothing Creation is Born

That is why I do the things I do the way I do. I know the most precious gift I have is when I passed on the gift of life to my son. I finally understand what my mom meant by her saying that all she wanted from us was to live better lives than her. I never truly understood what that meant. Now I know. She wanted to make sure we had the opportunities that she didn’t.

Heartfully Lead Into Oblivion

Learning to love a stranger in times when it is needed most is something we should all strive for. There is beauty in our individual lives, there is an art when we blend our lives together, we could last until eternity if we could all sing in harmony together.

The Truth is Out There

We all want to hope that there is something after all this existence. For me it boils down to how can there be so much pain in suffering with their being know release in the end? How can the only reward for a life well lived be death? When evil and good get the same…

Message from Beyond

This is it. The day is almost here where I make my first public appearance as Sweet Ruby Bluez. I can’t believe it is almost here. The idea was born pretty much two years ago that I wanted to make a difference somehow someway and here I am. To some it is a little crazy…