Breaking Glass

As I thought about the days back when we were younger, time stood still and it all made sense. I asked my Grandmother to put her arms around her and make sure that she was ok. I can not explain to you why it happened but when I opened up my eyes and hand to make my wish that is when I heard the sound of crashing glass. I did this 100 times a day why at this exact moment did glass decide to break?

Tragically Ablaze

My husband says I am too gullible and I fall too easily listening to other people’s tales. He tells me I care too much about our Indigenous communities and that I watch too much true crime. What happens to my soul when the two World’s intertwine? To RoyLynn and Marlene I will find a way to start making things right. You are still Warriors out there just for now you are out of site.

The 5 Heartbreaks of Becoming Sweet Ruby

These 5 reasons made me get up one day and take a stand. Take a stand against mean people and bullying and whatever it is going on in your life. Put yourself out there Ruby. Do whatever it takes to make YOUR World safer for those that live in it. That it is ok to not save the WHOLE World just yours.  The people you are searching for will find you. You will make your world a safer place.

Not All Fairy Tales Comes True

I stand on top of the cliff looking down at the water beating furiously on the rocks below. Reaching my hand into my pocket I feel the envelope cold in my hands. I want to take it out again but can’t. The words written on the envelope I sent in a red scrawl taunting me…

The Transcendence of Time Into a Limitless Abyss

We can withstand losing body parts, limbs, eyes etc but it is the physical pain that endures that we can’t live with. Pain drives as crazy. It takes our ability away from having any sort of free thought. Physical pain will make you lash out at anybody for whatever reason but it still doesn’t make you feel any better. In fact it makes you feel worse. The embarassment of not being able to control your emotions takes over like wildfire

The Glorification of Violence

In some way I thought by learning all that I could it would leave me more knowledgeable and aware of those people that surround us. Maybe that was part of the problem. Instead of reading about serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy I should have been reading about the real heros of our time and not the ones that terrified our nation.

Domesticly Hunted

There are some cats that you just should never let out of the bag. You know secrets. Well not really secrets but factual knowledge that you aren’t privvy too. Facts that you probably shouldn’t have been searching for but it’s hard not to. Sometimes I wish I could just have bliss living in my own…

Mainstream Violence and the Ripple Effect

Violence has threee specific meanings as laid out in the Webster’s Dictionary: behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force. the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force. By sheer defintion alone violence has…

Loving and Losing An Addict

The monitors beeping tell us you are still with us. That cold dark feeling tells us you aren’t. Holding your hands, brushing your hair out of your eyes, rubbing your feet…all of desperate just to see you smile again. The only reason why you are still with us is our guilt. That is what keeps…

The Murder of the American Dream and the Rebirth of Hope

“Mike it is hard to realize how a complete nothing, a zero like that, could kill a man like President Kennedy was.” -Jack Ruby Yes it takes some time to read the 650+ pages of “The Death of a President.” It’s like a part of you almost believes that if you read slowly you can…