Can Women Be Friends?

Until you have clung on to a dead man trying to breathe in the gift of life your comparison of our struggles mean nothing to me. What I wanted was a friend. What I got was the ultimate betrayal. You win some and you lose some and what I know now is I am so thankful that it is only your friendship that I lost. Anything else I can survive.

To Be Loved

All I can say is those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You may have slapped me in the face but never again. All I ever wanted was a friend, a confidante, somebody to love me and me love them. I want to feel like I belong somewhere and not like I am going to disappear. Somebody, somewhere please hug me I am starving to be loved.

The Linger

We all tend to linger from time to time. We stay to often where we aren’t wanted in the hopes that things will turn around and end up our way. I let my thoughts wander to people I miss out of sheer loneliness. I am more than guilty of granting too many chances to those that don’t deserve them.

Passionately Driven

When they see your success they see their passion slipping through their fingers. Too scared to take that step and the plunge into a growing unknown world. Seemingly impersonal or impersonally it seems. One to be a beautiful dream and the other to be a waking nightmare between the passionately driven and those who so passionately divide.

Find Your Magic

The future of my son depends on me. If I can’t get him to look at the world with wonder in his eyes I fear for the state that we are living in. I mean it took me 3 decades to find the magic in me again. I don’t want him to wait that long.

Born to Lead

Yes my misery comes and goes like the tide threatening my shores but for the most part I am in control. I have come prepared for all tides knowing that the same tide that led me astray will have no choice but to come back for me as long as I am patient and don’t do anything too foolish

Stay Tuned (The Best is Yet to Come)

Coming of age in an on-line era is not for everybody but is something we all most do. Where once we had social gatherings to comfort us like blankets we now have had to leave our dependency in the sow seeds behind glassed doors. My Dad always used to say don’t put your eggs all in one basket spread them around.

The Luminous Light of Change

We are becoming ominous of our own existence. We question every tepid step we take as if it might make a difference to those who are following behind. Those that follow us far to close who are scared of their own destiny will sure enough step on our heels and make us cringe. Maybe we…

The Villainous Plan

No matter how hard I try my evolutionary quest for serenity always evades me. I touch close to what seems to be sanity but then something threatens to enter into my realm of reality intoxicating my thoughts with doubt. The only peace that I feel calm enough to bask in are the sounds and feels…

One in a Million

Photo is of my beautiful friend Saviyance who shows me every day the strength and determination it takes to truly be a One in a Million in today’s modern World.