My Cousin is Friend’s with my Rapist (and random other facts)

To take the words of somebody you haven’t talked to in 15 years citing they were a decent human being back then and sharing things I said oh no honey everything sours if left out to long and you my friend are yesterday’s news. Guilty by association all you and your friends. I got my eye on you and frankly girl I don’t give a damn I just prefer to keep one eye open to the things that make my skin crawl at night.

Raising Hope

There is a reason why we say the rich get richer because they do, at our expense. They want us to live in poverty forever buying off the dollar menu because if we deprive our bodies we will eventually deprive our mind and souls so it will become far easier for those that be to keep us controlled.

Missing Most of All

We can twist the truth a million different ways but you can’t corrupt fact into faction. In fact the more ridiculous you claim the truth to be the farther from reality you seem. In life there will always be the sinner and the saint and for the most part we relate better with the sinner…

The Hands of Evil (The Weaker Man)

We don’t want to risk our lives because we are too selfish to reach for that outstretched hand because we somehow put a higher value on ourselves. When I find out how many ways when given the chance the people who walked amongst us failed each other I can’t stop the tears from coming. I want to purify my soul and make it so it doesn’t hurt but I can’t forget what we have lost and continue to lose at the hands of evil, the weaker man.

The Beast Within

They were denied opportunities because of who one person dictated they were. POWs from all over the World were beaten, tortured, gassed in a desperate attempt to eliminate the enemy but the true enemy was the beast that lay within. The beast that makes you believe that your existence is far superior. That beast that will do anything to win.

Who Are We Becoming?

The only thing that doesn’t die is or mind we just change forms and let go. If it were up to me I would try and honor all those lives that came before me. Who am I but a mere human capable of something great that nobody will ever know.

By My Own Hands

Another late post that has me wondering would anybody notice if I just didn’t exercise my mind to write my daily post? My husband always rolls his eyes and it truly is the source of so much resentment. I made a committment to myself almost 2 years ago that I would write daily and read…

Loving On Ourselves

I know for me the closer I float towards my true authentic self the less I worry about the opinions of those that hate on me. I learned a bit ago that hate didn’t look good on me so if presented with this I quickly move along and go on my way. One thing is for sure we weren’t meant to be loved by everybody but maybe if we could begin with loving on ourselves the world wouldn’t be such a scary place.

Happily Married or Just Unhappy

I never thought the person who hated me most in this life would be my husband. This single fact makes me long to take my last breath. I already feel this great shame because I have failed as a daughter and now no matter what I do I have failed as a wife. When I…

What Became of the Living

We are doing the same things with the other inhabitants of the Earth. Evil doesn’t want to share the gifts of the Earth. The self righteous mind will do anything to keep others at bay. My mind tirelessly looks for the pieces that may come together and try to make sense of what became of the living that now lies broken some extinct.