I am spiritually connected to the other side now so my heart won’t let me. In my anti depressant haze I see this smile that lights up a room. She moves a little differently than most with a zest for life and a pep in her step. I am mesmerized by her confidence and her desire to reconnect with Mother Nature and her roots. She is raw in her true emotions but willing to love just the same. I race towards her with open arms because I am drained from these last few years. When I reach her she dissipates but I still feel her aura fill the room.

Forever Touched

I will never forget that sweet grade 9 boy that gave to me so much hope. I think it is his smile I always search for in a sea of a million but have never been so lucky to find. Sometimes we are lucky and other times not so much. What I know for sure in this moment my heart he forever touched.

Bleeding Love

Times are harder now. We are constantly exposed to the billions of people that surround us. We can have thousands of single mates at our fingertips from all over the World. How does one even stay celibate and chose the love that has come to exist outside of their body for something cheap and taudry.

It starts with a Smile

This is the day that started it all. Look at that smile. I was grinning from ear to ear just being on stage. There was an amazing group of ladies. Everybody was so unique, so beautiful, so inspiring. Basking in the light and energy of all the ladies there I just wanted to let that…

War within Us

How do we know what battles to engage in and which ones to passively let by. Do we engage in the ones that affect the heart, mind or soul? Do you engage in nothing and just live at Peace? Can we truly live at Peace if we are battling a war amongst ourself? When do…