On-Line Pageant Series

I have been competing in pageants over the past 5 years and having competed across Canada and started travelling to the States. I have also been actively involved in our on-line Pin-Up community.

My name is Sweet Ruby Bluez and I am a Pin-Up Enthusiast hailing from Okotoks, AB.

The one thing that sets my soul on fire is when I am surrounded by like minded individuals who have been dreaming of their whole lives to shine. Deep inside all of us, underneath or ego’s is that scared little girl who has been desperate to step out of the shadows and into the full day of light. I want to create a safe positive place for ladies to blossom and grow while having the support of each other.

Please Check Out my very first Holiday Fundraiser Pageant:


Face of Daisy 2020 USA/Canada

Pin-Up Doll 2nd Princess

Harvest Pageant Dame

Lemon for a Day Queen

Vernon Cruise-In Dame

Past Experiences

Skin Specialist Sephora
(2017 – 2019)
I absolutely loved engaging clients in conversation to uncover potential leads while encouraging blossoming new friendships.

International Beauty Specialist Level 2
(2016 – 2017)
When feeling and looking good becomes your passion you naturally gravitate towards the end goal.

Volunteer Pin-Ups for a Cause
(2016 – 2018)
Surrounded by like minded dames who had nothing but selfless time and energy to give while giving back to our community