Authentically Yours and Mine to Let Go

I think that is why we should move towards kindness and all the things that we cannot see. We should move with promise and attention in the hopes that we can be all the things we were promised to be and not be distracted by all the things we can feel and probably never ever see. This is the true distraction that prevents us from being all that we can be. To live in our true image and to finally be able to authenticate oneself is what we should all strive for except for we are distracted by everything else.

A Protective Shell

I am a weird life form this I already know. Fully integrated and connected to all the life forms that had come here before. I don’t look at any other living being and think that I am entitled to more. I don’t know what all this fighting is about I never cared for evening out the score. All I wanted was to live simply and happily with the animals that have made their way into my care. This is what it means to come alive and be living when the rest of the world is content in being so unconcerned and always behaving so cold.

Become the Weird

You have to see the weird. You have to believe in the weird. You have to become the weirdest thing that life has ever seen. What I know I know for certain and that is that if you conform there is no chance of ever changing a dang thing. There are those that just want to get to know you so they can suck out your soul and leave you gasping for your last breath. There is no telling what will happen to you if they get a hold of you that is why it is in your best interest to always try and stand out.

Where We Began

Imagine having your life cut short for just wanting to embrace the being deep within. The strong sense of self that you wanted to experience while alive is the very same thing that gets on another being’s nerves. Who wins? Nobody should ever be made to feel inferior or that they can never measure up, but nobody has the right to feel irritated or offended for a being who is just trying to find their own and come into self.

Everything Else is a Distraction

I used to be young filled with so much hope and promise now I am scared that my time is ticking louder than it has ever ticked before. What if something happens to me does this life that I have lived now all becomes nothing? Did I spend too much time being distracted instead of living the life that I was born to live for?

Torn Apart

So do onto others as you would have done onto you because sooner or later you will be alone and there isn’t much you can do. Did you strive to keep those close to you when you should have hit ignore or did you keep others around for too long when you should have kindly showed them to the door. Not everybody in life will have your best interest at heart so it is up to you to decipher is truthful and who needs to be ripped from limb and torn apart.

A Hopeful Understanding

Death is here and it is always looking for us wonder whose time it is for them to come and take away. I wonder when that time comes for me if it will be slow or quick like ripping off a band aide. I can’t help but wonder then want to put more good vibes out into the Universe. All I want is the life that I promised for myself before I return to one day living out in the stars…I hope.

The Witching Hour

It’s 2:30 in the morning here and it is the husband’s favourite time to come alive. I can’t handle his rage and the way he deals with his emotions; it isn’t fair that any woman and child should ever have to feel this way.

Consistent Collateral Damage

My husband hates everything about me and I can no longer hear him call me a c*nt on the regular, I am pretty sure he doesn’t even remember my name. Another night of me crying myself to sleep because of all the things he insists on saying to me in front of my son. My heart is breaking into a million pieces and there is nowhere for me to run.

In a Whitewashed World

That is why I remain silent. I stay in tune with those souls that were lost or were whisked too far away. I know I am not better than anybody. I never wanted to be. All I wanted was to try and provide a safe place for us all to come alive so there could be a softness created between you and me and we can live happy. I don’t want to see myself as any better or any worse I just want to meet somebody on some sort of common ground. Don’t hurt me and I won’t hurt you can’t we just come together and sit in each other’s presence peacefully?