Peace In My Heart

Does it matter anymore what others have to say? I am merely just a voided shell of myself. The things I have to hear on the daily just takes my joy away. I hate the things he says to my face like I am capable of washing away the pain. To forget all those words like I have become somebody else as I run to the hills and say goodbye. One day I will find peace in my heart. It takes everything inside my not to fall down and die.

In the World

I panic all the time waiting for what’s to come next as I try to understand where it is I am supposed to go. There is just a few thoughts that bother my brain in an almost obsessive of way but I can’t change anything from the past. With every day that passes it could be the last so I have to love on myself like I am the only one in the world.

Things I am Unlearning

Or this sideways annonymosity that they think we all can’t see. Holy barfaramma Bat Man you need to get a life! I see you over there being all green for all the things that make me me. I don’t hate you for being you for any reason I want us all to be successful in this game called life. C’EST LA VIE!

Back to Dirt

To lie and pretend like you are some way than the way that you are is one of the most deplorable traits. To ruin the life of another for having them believe in you makes it so you should have to pay for your betrayal and sin. I mean to each their own but you would think their would be some sort of consequences for living this life. Wouldn’t their be anarchy if there wasn’t? That thought has always complicated itself in my brain it seems. Why would we listen to those in power or even do the right thing if all we are in life gets returned back to the dirt, 6 feet under.

To Find Peace

I live in a world where a young woman’s life being snuffed out to soon is being compared to as not wanting to take a vaccine. My heart shatters as I understand the gravity of her last words and I cry because she never should have died. To be so brave in your life that you never gave up fighting. I hope the world can realize the magnitude of your sacrifice. I hope that one day we can so you can finally be at peace.

Coming to Terms

It’s hard to come to terms with the reality that the love of your life is not somebody I am meant to be with. For what he chose to do in life a mother could never forgive. I think about all the lives he changed that day and the ones he took away. My heart forever in limbo as I paid the ultimate price.

Filled With Dread

This is my worst nightmare but where does one even begin to try to pack up a life to leave. His yells just echo inside my head. They are making me crazy. Making feel nothing but dread.

MLM, Man, Myth, Legend?

Facts are facts and then they are always backed by the truth. Some of us can’t afford the cost or even the time when we are running a full house. Maybe it makes sense to say it is cheaper somewhere else but that is if you only buy into that idea that you buy one strip at I time. I don’t. I pass on the savings to all of my friends. We throw parties and love on each other at least that is my dream. It is Mr Park’s too if you know what I mean. I met the man in person I heard what he had to say. It is like the 1970’s Tupperware party but with nails and that makes my day!!

What Has Always Been

What would you do with yourself if you know how to make yourself full? Would you connect with those who made you or would you connect with the things that grow from the Earth. There has to be a connection to all this living and being and life. What does it all mean when it is over did we do all that we could possibly and more? Did we try to light up the night as we flew through the sky or did we keep our chins down to scared to finally fly?

Forever Hated

If I do engage in such behaviour would that justify behaviour that could retiliate or worse. I sheltered myself from bad energy because it has come far too much. To be forever hated or loved by just one. I think I know the answer but I am not entirely sure. I will relinquish over my faith and begin working the room. All I have ever come to know I have taught myself. Who needs to love another when I can forever love myself.