Who Am I?

So who am I? I am just a mom of an incredible little being that I couldn’t imagine having to live through these horrors like so many children on Earth seemed to have experienced. I am tired of living in a world where we can excuse bad behaviour away. I will not sit here and take it anymore what would be the point in being able to stand up and shout anyways!! CAN YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE BECAUSE I CAN HEAR YOU!!! I wont let the bad man take you, come grab a hug and get warm. I promise we can get through this together.

The Relentless Approach

My anxiety is crippling. I feel sick every time I move. I get sick often throughout the day. Mostly when he is berating me and trying to do everything to set me off. Does a partner purposely do everything in their power to watch a loved one fail? Today has felt like a doozy, at times I can barely breathe.

Less Than Perfect

There is so much more to the world problems and it is a constant display of their perverse entitlement when the words of enlightenment are always followed by, “as instructed by the Queen’s bench.” With the allegations of the Monarch and their blatant disregard for any being with even an ounce of melanin one can easily believe that it was she that ordered the execution of all the Indigenous here on KKKanada’s soil. You throw away your grandchild because of “mixed blood” so I will never believe that you value the life of anything that is not connected to your blood line.

Tragically Ablaze

My husband says I am too gullible and I fall too easily listening to other people’s tales. He tells me I care too much about our Indigenous communities and that I watch too much true crime. What happens to my soul when the two World’s intertwine? To RoyLynn and Marlene I will find a way to start making things right. You are still Warriors out there just for now you are out of site.

Strap In (and enjoy the ride)

Don’t trust lust over loyalty because you will pay the ultimate price. It is easy to spot those. Easily manipulated, standoffish kick those eyesores to the curb. You got to pick in the ones who strap in beside you because it is in these gems you will find your ride or die!

Alive Outside Broken Within

It is in that simplicity in knowing that I am in fact part of a bigger picture. We all are. For no reason we find ourselves living at the same time bound by our place in eternity. This moment will soon be forgotten with nobody left to bring it back to life. That is so powerful in itself to think about.

Glitz and Glam (and all that Jazz)

Also if every life has a purpose and you can sure bet every life does. Then sharing your thoughts and your feelings in the most humblest and raw sense give you a better picture of truly finding happiness don’t you think? One last weight holding you back. I am also weighted by survivor’s guilt so I have even more of a fire now to make things right.