Perceived as Superficial

Those who judge without living in glass houses should never be entitled to throw stones. I am tired of having a finger wagged at me for how I choose to medicate I just wish that some people would go away. At 300 mg of effexor, zoplicon and ativan I wasn’t me. Not even close. I became somebody who wasn’t even me. I shunned away those that showed me their true colors and what side of the fence they actually lived on and I continued¬† on a journey that was 100% truly me. Sure it hurts when those you enjoy in life just cut you off but my life has value too.

The Meaning of Life

We can try our best and in doing so we will increase our own net worth. It seems strange to compare your life in such a way but you are your own greatest asset.¬† I wish I had more answers but the truth is I have no clue. I want to. I read about the greatest lives that lived before me in the hopes that I may get an inkling or clue to my own existence. We can’t live in fear of what is to come because in doing so we could in essence make ourselves sick. At least unhappy as we always wait for that boom. That boom that tells us it is all over and that our human bodies will never move from room to room.¬† There are moments in my head that will just never leave. Those that are soon to be parted will always carry a spot in my head and brain. To hold those close to give them comfort on the way out is all I want to do. I want them to know as they hear my heart that I am scared for them and in turn I am a little bit scared for me. Where do you go and will we ever see each other again? It doesn’t seem fair to be so close then nothing. That will be the longest day when that day finally comes. I guess that is why we never know, so we can start each day to live again.

The Dilution of Worth

Then there is the hypocrites who thinks there time on earth is a blessing to all. You know them. Time spent in their presence is used to feed their ego and over inflate their head. They don’t care for their surroundings at all and the idea of reducing their carbon footprint makes them want to set the night sky ablaze just to see the sky fill with smoke. Who does that? Just an ignoramus content on themselves and in my minds there is no bigger disease or disappointment to oneself.

What It Means to Be Human

I shudder to think of what humans are capable of because everywhere around me is humans in engaging in all the wrong things. We believe in our imagery existence of a land that could never possibly hurt us but it is humans that are the most despicable. I will never believe the lies the higher ups betray us with because they have been spewing their filth since the dawn of time.

A Celebrated Existence

When you live in the land of the unforbidden there are so many places in which you can go. You already know what I am saying because you have already been exposed and there is only so many places one can know. Always be accountable for your own actions and hold your ground when it comes to the truth. One will carry you through rough waters and the other won’t see you through.


Wouldn’t you know that most things aren’t as they seem. The greatest love of our lives should be the reflection we see in the mirror and not what others whisper to us. It’s up to us how we feel.


Please let me know if your child is bullied, abused or dead so I can give you the firework send off that you so eagerly demand. I see ugly people and they care only about themselves. These people make living less worthy, they desecrate on the value. I can’t change the world and it’s thinking but I can change everything about me. I honour and value the sanctity of this moment and take pride with reconnecting with Mother Nature and her Earth.

To Sparkle or To Fade

Our reality is as human we probably have been treated pretty bad by somebody we care about. The type of treatment that leaves a hole in your heart with scars trying to recover what you lost. We torture ourselves with reliving the pain of what ripped us apart on continuous repeat. Sometimes we laugh that…