Socially Awkward

Mean girls are mean and ugly for a reason they get off on another’s misery and decay so I cut myself off like a gangrene arm knowing in time I may regret that decision. Bad people never change. Just the secrets that they keep so if I beat them to the punchline what can they possibly say about me? So I do. I just leave. With no more than a flick of the tongue and a block, ignore, delete. If somebody wants to walk out of your life give them a helping hand. Don’t give them a chance to sneak back in close or watch your life get increasingly out of hand. People get exposed for even the silliest things. Just remember to honor the lil voice inside of you instead of letting every evil monster in.

To Fall A Part

Words cut actions too. You never know how deep one cuts until all of a sudden you do. It’s too late to apologize once the damage is done. All you can do from this outcry experience is have the fortitude to see your life thru. Struggle till its easy. Get comfortable then it’s hard. I am the way I say am bo regrets I have to live my life after all. The haters will hate but they will rise to try again another day. I smile because it makes them uneasy then fall apart as soon as they leave the room.

Trick or Treat

To live everyday so disconnected with a person is becoming more than I can withstand or even care to feel. Where do I go when the world begins to close in on me this way? Is it my dominant, narcissistic behaviour or is it the fact that I feel so betrayed. This life that I have come to know was built on a lie. Devoid of any emotion or a friend to hold onto when I begin to cry. My angels in this life are the animals that I now call friends. Without their undying love and devotion I think it would be easier to make my story come to an end. My desperate attempts to connect with any living being may have come to an end. Tired of my own emotions, in life all I ever wanted was a friend.

MLM Scam?

It’s not like I used my face as a canvas to help prove what I am talking about but c’est la vie and excuse me if I do take it a tad personal as I am trying to lead by example and obtain a better life. I am worth it and I know you are too I just chose not to be added to the ranks of the MLM scam by sliding into your DM’s. I do value my time as do yours so maybe you want to dig deeper into what I do and what I am truly passionate about xx

Love of True Self

Out of everything we are and will be, being authentic is crucial for the salvation of ones soul. Think about it. How do you feel when you are being ignored? The same rings true for when you fail to honour yourself, your light, your dreams out of fear what others might say.