Release the Light

Well for starters I started reading regularly again. 25 pages with my morning coffee. My book of choice….crystals, please come and guide me to the light. Literally and figuratively and all things in between. If we are light and crystals  reflect light what do you think that can all mean? You can’t hide in and amongst the shadows and expect to be rewarded. You have to try and apply all that you are, religiously and meticulously and watch all the warmth and light that flys by.

My Beautiful Friend

If I go through those hospital doors again like it was the first time do you promise to wake up? I guess by the time we got there you were already gone it was just so hard for us to let go. Maybe if I blamed you it would make it easier on my heart…

Always an Addict, Always Alone

I am a functioning empath. My whole insides can be ripped into shreds but there is always a time and place. I usually like to cry alone because I don’t want to upset anybody else. Maybe because it is in that pain that I know came great love. In the memory of my friend who lost his way I want to reach out to those that are at their lowest. Yes I don’t know you. But I do love you. We get to walk and live this great Earth at the same sliver in time. I don’t want to make your journey harder I want to make it better. I want to inspire you to find the way to live your greatest life possible. That no matter who you are you are worth it even in those moments of greatest despair.