A Cat’s Life

A cat doesn’t wake up one morning hating its own existence, being miserable, trying to take down those most like them and more. A cat’s biggest worry is is my food bowl full and did you really have to put up a floor length window panel inside this massive house. They don’t walk around grumbling trying to take another down. Sure they compete for their humans attention for love and comfort but other than that they all react and behave like they are on common ground.

Socially Awkward

Mean girls are mean and ugly for a reason they get off on another’s misery and decay so I cut myself off like a gangrene arm knowing in time I may regret that decision. Bad people never change. Just the secrets that they keep so if I beat them to the punchline what can they possibly say about me? So I do. I just leave. With no more than a flick of the tongue and a block, ignore, delete. If somebody wants to walk out of your life give them a helping hand. Don’t give them a chance to sneak back in close or watch your life get increasingly out of hand. People get exposed for even the silliest things. Just remember to honor the lil voice inside of you instead of letting every evil monster in.