The Subject of Mortality

Once again trying to start a conversation he asked if I thought the World would ever be “normal” again. Of course I believe that life as we know it will correct itself like it has done for thousands of years. The only concern that I have is what all this science, medicine and technology is doing is prolonging the inevitable.

Lost Dreams and Words Unsaid

I can’t get enough of that sweet little girl, Anne Frank. Reading her words and bringing her dreams once again to life breaks my heart because I already know the outcome. We know she existed because she left her words as our gift.

When the Sun Rises Life Starts Again

I have been out of bed at 3. I know some of you curse the idea of being awake at such an ungodly hour. You toss and turn and curse and do everything but drift off to Neverland. This morning though I tried to wake on purpose. I wanted to witness the rebirth of the…