Protect Your Peace

I believe in me. Do you believe in me? Would it make a difference to me in any way if you told me that you don’t. It shouldn’t make q difference if I am to become the light I seek because in the end it should only be the light in me that matters. Not trying to state the obvious it’s not about your peace and how you are feeling its kinda more about me than it has ever been about you.

In Defense of Fake

I remember being excluded from events because I was 36 and living solo. Ever witness a phone call where they were discussing your bank account balance like it was their concern? I have. Ever been made to believe you were getting a ride only to find out that they had zero intentions of getting you and only wanted to make you cry? I have! That is why I show up over and over again until the day I die because I feel people should be held accountable for their actions like you and I. I have fake friends but there time is up. It’s only a matter of time before they click unfollow and for that sole reason I think I will pass and light it up!

Human Decency

What the world needs now is love, compassion and just a basic comprehension of the human experience. Plain and simple we all want to fit in that it hurts us immensely when it’s not reciprocated back.

The Most Depraived

My biggest fear is we are all one and I will be returned to sleep amongst the most depraived. This is what makes me rise to be seen and yes truth be told on some days heard. I am for the underdog an eye for an eye. I am tired of those in power using their strength to hurt us when they have the capability to have us all saved. That is what makes me almost loathe the rich and famous. What warranted you the life of fame and fortune when the rest of the world is in need to be saved. What the world needs is a hero not another billionaire. One who will work for the common good of the people instead of their pocketbook and bed springs.

Because I Publicly Love A Plant

Why do people pretend to like you one day then hate you the next? Not that you did anything differently except maybe stroke their ego or pay them a little mind or common sense. I guess those people are too faced keeping you around just in case. In case you become who you say you will one day. I hate those guys the most I think. The hanger around need to just get out of the way. They are more than just dead weight they are rot and decay. Is somebody is going to judge you and hate on you for every little thing I think I will take a plant over that judgement their gift of life is all that I need.

Live, Laugh, Love and Play

The quality of the air we breathe all depends on the company we keep and I doubt you can convince me of any other way. Think about the hot air that comes out of some people’s mouth like an obnoxious shot of polluted exhaust or molten air. The lies some say in order to break another down is truly what is wrong with the human race.