Making Room

I am a forever dreamer which is the intoxicating gift of what is my life. In my presence I can make you believe that anything and everything is possible and it should be because we only have this one shot and it’s a shame that most of us will never get that confidence to take. Some are very undeserving of the life that they have been given and they will one day pay the ultimate price. It will never be known exactly how but rest assured karma likes to take a bite out of the most ripest *ss. There is only so much the Universe can handle before it takes it too personal and begins fighting back. It will start with pandemics and famines then wars will rage throughout the lands. If a great reset was to occur would you be ok with all the things you have done here? If tomorrow was not promised and these last few hours were all you got, can you say you did the things you were proud of if because this the end and all you got.

Isn’t It Ironic?

Whom am I but a mere speck of dust in this time frame hoping to sparkle in such a way that maybe I too will get notice for my hard work and determination. Maybe it doesn’t have to make a difference in this life time but maybe if I put in enough blood, sweat and tears maybe the irony will have no choice but to be all mine. I hope and I pray and even on my son’s worst days I hope that in the end all that we are going through is worth it. It has to be because no matter how much it hurts right now there will always be another being waiting in the wings hoping to get even just a tiny slice out of our pie. You don’t necessarily have to give away the recipe but it should would be nice to share from time to time how else can you find like minds if you don’t at least try and give them a chance. They might nip you in the bud or bite you in the *ss but at least you will never be accused for not at least giving it your all.

Emotionally Inadequate

I hate making excuses for those moments in life that go wrong. They happened to teach us a lesson, a moment of reckoning, and it is up to us to try and interpret its meaning. Or at least try to understand it anyways. We can’t go back to correct an incident but we can use it to bring some light into our lives. We can’t remain forever in the darkness when we have only been granted this one chance to live.

Going To War

As sick as this is and how heart breaking it sounds you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have to look out for you and yours. As awful as what is happening in this world the higher ups and make it end. They have enough money among 3 of them then the rest of us left on this planet and combined. Ask yourself why are you going to keep on breaking your back for those that would never give a thought about you. I know who was there for me do you?

Losing My Mind

To each there own. There must be a better way? All I want is a life that doesn’t hurt in every which way. Getting yelled at from everybody I just want to vanish into thin air. This is not the life that I dreamed about when I was a kid but I do know what it feels like when a parent stops loving you. I have never stopped loving my son I am just desperate for him to have a better life. He deserves so much love. So much happiness. When I am surrounded by so much negativity all I am trying to do is survive.

Losing Life’s Meaning

My heart hurts. Of course it would. Life tends to lose all meaning as quick as it suddenly does. We all want to find our place in this timeline before we take our last breath. Everybody wants to be a gangster but do they have what it takes to keep their mouths fed? To put…

Burnt Stew

Who needs to take on that uncalculated risk when we already know the results that we can at best hope for. That people in public places will act cordial in front of strangers instead of sneering a row full of sharks teeth. I wish. There are those that are just chomping at the bit “to put you in your place” and to them I giggle I school girl giggle and say “I welcome you to try your best.” See I have never waivered in who I wanted to be. I portrayal of what I thought it meant to be female in my Grandmother’s best image that is all. What some see as a “slut” I see I woman who is VERY in control of herself. So much so I chose to fire my shots artistically instead of lying to any open ear. What do you do at the end of the night when all you have left is you? Are you happy with the outcome of previous events or do you keep sobbing over burnt stew?

Weird At Best

Furs, feathers, skin. Aren’t we all created equal? All confused to what we are doing here and how could we begin to use each other to get our hearts desire with little or no help. Isn’t that what we have been conditioned to do? Pull the wool over our eyes till it all makes sense? What if it never does in the end and we wasted all this time believing something that wasn’t true.

The Bright Nights Star

I have always tried to be a little bit different and little bit crazy and of course just a little bit out there. If we¬† only get this one chance what is stopping you from giving it all you got? You can reach out to me and I would more than love to reach back if I just know that you are out there hustling too. Dreaming that you can make a difference just by having your thoughts and sharing some of them one day. It’s true that all it takes is one to make the world change so now I am wondering what is stopping the Universe from allowing it to be you. To be the star that shots across the sky at every night. Just a rare chance of being noticed before you face once again out of sight.

Let’s Go!!

At the end of the day I don’t hate myself. I now find myself very interesting. Who needs to be everybody’s cup of tea when you can be a fine, divine wine instead. The only person I ever needed to change for was myself and now that I am here I can’t imagine being anybody else.