Centre of My World

So where I thought that I was the one who needed saving I finally can admit that I am strong enough to begin saving the rest of the world. My smile maybe a little less than sunny perfection but it comes with one of the biggest hearts and intentions that you have ever felt or seen. I used to think it was bad to be your own best friend singing your praises but how else do you light up the night for the rest of the world to find? Ya sure to some I may mean nothing but I know to one that is living I am absolutely the center of his world and he is mine too.

I Am Powerless

I have been presented with an opportunity to still be the best that I can be but it will have to be done during the hours that my baby is asleep. Sure you may read this and say she is damaging her son. To me I believe that we have damaged all of our sons already. This world that we are raising our children in should be sounding all the alarm bells in our heads. There are those those only care for the life that is theirs and couldn’t be bothered with any other entity they find themselves by. I for one believe I need to relinquish all control. The Universe is listening and revealing to me people’s true colors to keep the evil away. Not everybody is the same and that is what makes this time absolutely beautiful but for this moment that is all around me all I can focus on is my boy.

A Life Like Mine

I have to be fierce and teach him it is ok to stand out. That it is ok to not be accepted by everybody because only you know what lays inside and how it feels when you are being left out. Excluded from being normal you accept the fact because you know you were born special. Born with the fists of furry beneath you never tiring just constantly feeling things out. The over active mind is a real special thing as it will always challenge your existence to live for a better day.

Celestial Light

I am drawn to celestial places of light and healing because I am determined to find out what it all means. The crystal I picked out was a beautiful turquoise blue (my son’s favourite color), I couldn’t wait to get home and show him. When he saw the crystal his eye’s lighted up and as he held the crystal in his hand he said, “Say that this is for me.” How can you say no when he is holding it up to the light. Exclaiming about all the colors and being filled with divine light. Excitedly he told me look at all the colors!! You can even see the ocean. That is how I knew I just brought home his power crystal. What I wanted for me became the greatest gift for my little and indirectly for me too. We bonded over divine energy and light in it’s most exquisite form.

Broken and Drained

People make it difficult to want to share because all they focus on is there truth. There is no other way to get from point A to point B just their way or the highway but we all know that is not true. There are hundreds of ways to get to where you are going all that is asked of you is you try not to harm others when you find yourself on the same road.  Some people maybe casual with their intentions but others maybe lost with no idea or clue where to go. Wouldn’t it make sense to be kind instead of Texas Chainsaw Massacre their *ss? That is what other’s people’s opinions feel like when they have NO IDEA about your life. The words they use to try to enlighten come across as a blood bath with nobody surviving that condescending undertow.

Blinded By Life

A fool and his money are soon parted but what happens to the fool when it comes to his mind? Nothing permeates our inner being faster than trying to fit in, up to and including lying to the world about who it is we are to become. I know my mind and I know my truth and my reality is that I was born to never fit in with the rest of the world. Sure it is isolating. Like a one man island but I would rather live here than where I was living before. Most friends and family only come around when they need something so I cut them off. My mind is to fragile to constantly be playing games with those that will never keep my sanity in mind.

Knock, Knock Unbelievers You Are In the Way!!

The problem with the unbelievers is they will do anything in their power to get it so that you don’t believe. They will taunt you until you can’t even remember your own name so what hope in Hannah do you have of every feeling complete. I could ask a stranger but I am asking you. Can you finally tell me the truth if you dare?

Am I Different?

Am I different or are you different or maybe the rest of the world is just weird? Maybe weird is the new normal as we all try to live our authentic best lives instead of a big wig idea of what a normal life should be like and feel. There are times when I feel like I shouldn’t be so bold with my opinions but then I am like if you have a feeling you should honour it unless of course it makes another feel bad. You know what I am trying to say. Don’t make other people feel bad with your actions and yes even your words. In the end it is you who should feel bad no matter who you surround yourself with. Monkey sees as monkey does but it is the confident monkey who is able to walk away and forage on his own. It isn’t so much that he doesn’t like the other monkeys, no, he just realizes that life is too short and there is so much more to do then sit around and bicker over who has better shoes.

The Move Along

There are those that are just cringe worthy in everything they do. I never understood the mentality of feeding on the weak of heart instead of including another to come and play. I am not scared to stand alone nor will I ever be .At least I know that I am who I say I am and I don’t need to strain myself to believe. No more whispers to come out of the dark to bully or haunt me, no. I am a fierce, strong women who is descendent upon greatness and I will radiate towards like mends until I can no longer walk and take my last breath. When you continue you to surround yourself with greatness you are already at peace and you find yourself at home. Why force yourself to fill something that is beyond you after all these years?

Evens Stevens, A Monotonous Life

What the world needs now is this great reset. We keep talking about it and hoping for it but it doesn’t make much sense. Why would the entitled give up what they think they deserve? They don’t stop to realize that sometimes in life it just happens in an instant and don’t factor in who you were born to be or who your parents were you just exist now so deal with it and find a way to succeed. That is our life. Nothing about evens stevens or balance or even a buoy to help us float in choppy waters. I almost feel we were meant to struggle our whole lives to keep us suppressed and from being all we were born to be. How can we ever make it over the mole hill when what was left for us is too monotonous to even try?