Am I Spoiled? (or do you just ask the wrong people)

I live my life like today was my last no matter who I find myself surrounded by or who could potentially enter the room. That is what makes me lucky. That inherent sense of self worth. The idea that I am just as worthy as any being as long as I live organically and stand by a sense of morals and truth. I don’t need validation anymore from those that will never understand. Am I spoiled, lucky, or just insistent on living my best life like this would be my last day on Earth. I know what dying feels like just like I know what it feels like to come back. There are those that we keep close to us that are just counting the time before we say our final goodbyes. Good people are felt and not heard like so many people think. I don’t mind sitting in the shadows to wait for an entity that feels good instead of constantly diluting my own self worth.

Recommitting to Yourself

Every morning I usually start the day the same. Something triggers my emotions and I always tend to have a lil cry. Not the crazy earth shattering one. Just enough to wet my eyes and burn a path down my cheeks. That is me. I have always been this crazy ball of emotions that kept…