People Are Strange

It is humans who continue to ruin the human experience. I hate my similarities with them. They make me want to run for the hills. Like Jim said people are strange. And they are. The things we keep telling ourselves in order for us to be able to sleep at night makes us some of the most ridiculous creatures on Earth. I can’t believe all that we expose ourselves to and that hate we insist on justifying.

Live, Laugh, Love and Play

The quality of the air we breathe all depends on the company we keep and I doubt you can convince me of any other way. Think about the hot air that comes out of some people’s mouth like an obnoxious shot of polluted exhaust or molten air. The lies some say in order to break another down is truly what is wrong with the human race.

Lighter Than Air

When the going gets tough it is always at our own expense. During moments of heightened emotional awareness sometimes it is hard for us to do what is right. Well to do what is right for us. Nobody holds the answer to that piece. That piece is only left for us to find. We know that feeling of giving us goose bumps and making everything inside us wake up and become alive. I know how to honor my own existence so why seek outward validation over and over again. At naseauting quantities and speed.

Do As You Do

Be kind because it is easier than being a pompous *ss. Be kind because it feels good to your heart and it feels better than being sad. Don’t you think there is less problems that arise when you are kind and have a pure heart? At least that is what I have come to experience. Do onto others as you would do onto you and if you can’t be nice just shuffle along and keep doing as you do.

Top 10 Things I Have Learned (in 42 yrs)

Life is hard but it is only through experience that we can learn to understand and maybe begin to create a new world. We as humans don’t have to accept the path our ancestors have forced us on. We can look deep inside each one of us and look for the truth and love in which to begin again.

Leaders, Heroes and Myths

Altering any time line no matter the content will be detrimental to the preservation of life. As we rape and pillage the World of all of it’s natural and unnatural asset it will leave us not only a dead world with a hole in its’ heart but it will leave each and every one of us unfilled and living without a purpose.