This is 43!!

Sure it’s been a roller coaster ride but I am much more closer today to speaking my own truth. I know what it is I want to accomplish, somewhat, and I set up some means to begin to obtain it. I am still in love with self care and that we should all be committed to feeling our best. In fact I have been trying to start up a YouTube around my life where I share with y’all the ups and the downs. Check it out ( Make sure to subscribe if you make it that far and tell me all the Sweet Ruby things you want to see!!! Putting yourself out there is hard so I keep trying to reinvent myself. If the shoe fits wear it! And if it don’t find a stiletto you can rock out on! Stand tall with your head high and tell others to get out of your way!! BEEP BEEP!!

The Roots That Ground Us

I am lucky for an upbringing that resonated deep within my soul. The love that surrounded me in my youth has moved on past me as I aged. To be expected right? There is no guarantee on who we become as we mature but the hope is how we are raised will resonate deeply. Deep…

To Grow And Learn

Did you ever wish the Universe would get on with it but nah not really. Too scared of actually knowing what a real eternity could mean. I mean I am scared of thinking too far into the future but I am more than curious though. There is a calm that is in the center of my life right now. So many beings. So many little souls. And what about the concept of souls in every being. Could that be possible?

Niceties in Quiet Comfort

It is hard to believe that in time none of this will matter and each one of us will be long gone. The life that I have loved. The day that has just passed. None of it will matter to nobody in just a few short passing of years ago. Ten years ago was different then even then ten that passed before and the one thing I keep hoping is I just get 10 or so more years. Life I do like to live it. Even in those days that don’t make sense. The days I get to enjoy life and it’s abundance by living amongst it’s creatures and who knows maybe partaking in smoking it’s fine herb. To slow our thinking and it’s logic to a place that might make sense it’s niceties sit in quiet comfort waiting for us to make friends and break some bread.

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

No wonder why it is the biggest lie ever told and why some who be want to keep us from uncovering the truth. That a greedy man more consumed with wealth and power wanted to destroy our creator.