The Human Experience

Don’t humans ruin the human experience? In order for you to begin to see the value to life you have to be willing to sever appendages off that no longer serve you. Easier said than done isn’t it? That is where you have to disconnect yourself from those feelings. Feelings make us irrational as humans so learning to inhibit or numb the most volatile of feelings we have to learn what we have become and can no longer ignore.

The Dilution of Worth

Then there is the hypocrites who thinks there time on earth is a blessing to all. You know them. Time spent in their presence is used to feed their ego and over inflate their head. They don’t care for their surroundings at all and the idea of reducing their carbon footprint makes them want to set the night sky ablaze just to see the sky fill with smoke. Who does that? Just an ignoramus content on themselves and in my minds there is no bigger disease or disappointment to oneself.

Practice, Practice, Practice (become the master of your life!)

That is why those who have brushed close to the other side don’t care too much what others think but just like vinegar applied to open wounds the sting eventually begins to go away. And then you begin to become numb from the experience because it happens so much so you shine as bright as you can for as long as you can in the hopes you can do it all in the time you have left.

Pure Beauty

Speaking of being seen why are we so negative about the human body? We are the only civilization across the time line that stopped expressing ourselves in this form. We erected these monuments and statues used to captive and take away our breaths. We erected these beautiful images and works of arts for all to remember the pure beauty and life that resides within.

Lust In My Heart

Think of how lack lustered some are when they lose that physical connection with life? We always define our existence by who was by our side. Why can’t we be the ones to lift ourselves up? To sing our own praises even become our own ride and die. Oh she’s so vain. Is she? Or is she just sick of this sh*t. Waiting for somebody to validate her like she couldn’t be the one to do it herself.

Peace In My Heart

Does it matter anymore what others have to say? I am merely just a voided shell of myself. The things I have to hear on the daily just takes my joy away. I hate the things he says to my face like I am capable of washing away the pain. To forget all those words like I have become somebody else as I run to the hills and say goodbye. One day I will find peace in my heart. It takes everything inside my not to fall down and die.

To Find Peace

I live in a world where a young woman’s life being snuffed out to soon is being compared to as not wanting to take a vaccine. My heart shatters as I understand the gravity of her last words and I cry because she never should have died. To be so brave in your life that you never gave up fighting. I hope the world can realize the magnitude of your sacrifice. I hope that one day we can so you can finally be at peace.

42 Things I Have Learned (26-11)

26. Life doesn’t get any easier you just find better ways to manage. I like to think of our lives similar to that of our lifelines on a monitor in the hospital. There are ups and downs, there has to be, because once that line begins to lie flat there is no more living to…

The time to think is here….

In a World that is designed to tell us that we need a bountiful supply of friends and social media followers I decided it was time. It was time to take a good hard honest look in the mirror and redesign the person that looked back at me.