A Troll’s Mind

Imagine getting up in the morning and deciding to troll. Your goal and only initiative is to get under another person’s skin so that they lose all control. You don’t care what is going on in their home or if mentally they are ok. They could be holding on by a thread for all you know and your words could be the last ones they hear before they take their last breath.

Weird At Best

Furs, feathers, skin. Aren’t we all created equal? All confused to what we are doing here and how could we begin to use each other to get our hearts desire with little or no help. Isn’t that what we have been conditioned to do? Pull the wool over our eyes till it all makes sense? What if it never does in the end and we wasted all this time believing something that wasn’t true.

Kiss Goodbye

I never knew what true insanity felt like until I became a mother and all gloves came off. It was the minute I awoke from being ripped open true shenanigans ensued.

On Display

Social media is the biggest fabricated lie of all time and in it’s worse form we might get a little bit of honesty. Mentally we all start to decline when we see those in our community refusing to accept us. They accept everybody else though? So what is it about me that makes me different? Is it my ability to truly say that when I am in a position to help others I mean and others are just sitting there with there hand outs? This cannabis community is a fickle beast and not everybody is out there to be your friend.

Have A Nice Day

The preservation of our own species should be our focus instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul with Mary like we each don’t have our free will and story. Can you feel the difference and the gravity of the words I am trying to say? Or you just going to smile and nod and whisper to me to have a nice day?

Never Forget Who You Are

Maybe it was the true love of the heavens who stopped the hate in coming for me. You see the only man I have ever loved with my absolute full heart ended up being a monster and tore families forever apart. My angels couldn’t let me live with that burden so they took my other half away. That is the only piece of the puzzle I can share with you. For now I must pray. Pray for salvation for the souls he robbed and lost. I hope forgiveness will find him. I pray he will once again be OK.

By My Own Hands

Another late post that has me wondering would anybody notice if I just didn’t exercise my mind to write my daily post? My husband always rolls his eyes and it truly is the source of so much resentment. I made a committment to myself almost 2 years ago that I would write daily and read…