An Inadequate Existence

They say don’t fear the reaper but maybe time should fear you and me. The ones who are tired of hamster wheel running and being made to believe that dreams will always be broken instead of that silver lining that was promised. I try to believe in that lining but mine has long become rainbow glitter. I would rather live a life being the most annoying then being driven into oblivion to become a mute. Shine like it is your last moment living cuz it very much could be. There are no promises of what could have been just a hope of simplicity between you and me.

Love to Hate

I hate my life so much that I can’t see past anything else. I miss the touch of somebody who loves you and those hugs that just make all your pieces melt back together. I am so tired of those who claim that they will be there cheering for you but they are the first to leave when things go south. My life has been permanently pointed south since the day I died now I wonder why I even bothered coming back.

You! Ya You!

I am tired. I try so hard. My whole existence has been spent in the shadows. I long to come out. My heart is bursting to be free. I wonder if anybody will notice me or if I am destined to always feel like this. Two days in a row my husband’s dog has ruined…

My descent into madness…

I never thought that one day I would be that crazy old blue haired lady but what do you know here I am living that dream lol