The Importance of Being Earnest

In the absence of passion though life begins to lose it’s meaning. When you try to live without that key component you are like a shell. A shell that could shatter into a million pieces in any given minute. You are already in fear of taking any sort of movement in any diection. Often you think that maybe just by standing still and let life just move through you that it could possibly be enough.

In Your Skin

What if I told you that the secret to your happiness you already have. I know mumbo jumbo and all that cr*p but I am serious. What if I told you that it was in it to change the course of your own life. ┬áIf only for a wish. I mean put it out into…

What I changed about my life when given a second chance.

I have a very strong reason for why I live my life with such intense passion. I need to believe that even though some terrible things happen in this world we are all capable of shaping the course of our destiny. The power is really in there and it is up to us to believe….

His Storey: The Beginning

Growing up on the farm with only one channel every Sunday was spent watching Disney cartoons, Then the Disney Movie and if you were lucky Dallas. Mom would always pop popcorn and dad would make iced tea and no matter what we were doing with our day we knew that as soon as 5:30 hit…