First Day Of School

The idea is they learn through interaction and play, working on their social skills instead of jumping into traditional learning. You know the learning of ABC’s and counting to 10. I mean I am sure they will learn something more than how to rip the ball out of each other’s hands or throw it at each others heads but I don’t think I can handle a school that justifies play in this way by telling me that my son is going to be ridiculed for his size if we continue keeping him that class. Can you imagine? These are supposed to be his peers but I am already told just how different he is and that was only his first day!! How am I ever going to survive 12 years of this Educational hell that we are forced to put our kids in?

Industry Standards

Loyalty ain’t a thing no more and why does it have to be? We all come alive on a keyboard hiding the truth from all others and getting used to our filth and our lies. Not me. I can’t live like that. I am going to run fiercely in the direction that is super loving and supporting without taking a glimpse in my review as I run by. The older we get the less of a chance we have to get it right so why keep those close to us who are just waiting for us to fail and meet our demise?

Fear My Neighbour

The reality is that some ego’s just take up WAY too much space and I am comforted in knowing that there is time and they WILL fall from grace. That is the hope isn’t it? That those who are in charge of doing the evil doings will get theirs in the end, won’t they? Does sin get rewarded in this day and time or can kindness win over and truly save the day? Across the street I see white people and their white privilege is sickening dominating those from the shadows till they get their twisted way. There are those who want to be courteous and kind and then there are those like my neighbour who want to rule the world from across the street and wish that the rest of the world would meet their own demise.

Day 25: Unfollow Negative Accounts

The ones that are toxic and poisonous and have nothing great to say. If they don’t celebrate you and you don’t celebrate them, then it is “Hasta La Vista Baby”, and send them on their way. Once you give up on me I no longer see you, not even when you see my star shining and yours is still dull. I would have sang your praises and taken you along for the ride, then you clicked and unfollowed forcing my hand in saying goodbye. I don’t like negative attention and I sure don’t like those in it for there 5 seconds a fame. For me I am in it for the long haul I got a life to prove and I will live it my own way.

Looking Behind to Lift Up

The way some chose to dominant an experience like it is only theirs to be given. How they isolate and torture those they have decided to hate. They prevent them from making friends and connecting with their true soul. They are like vultures preying on the weakest and these people I blatantly ignore. I used to be a mean girl, then I grew up. I rarely look behind me unless it is to help another lift up.

Judgemental Eyes

i hear so much about everybody else being triggered by such and such events and try to paint it so they are always the one victimized. Just the other day I posted a pick about clearly consensual sex between three people at the Calgary Stampede. My thinking was of course we are the dirtiest province in Canada with the highest COVID # we are home to the Calgary Trampede.

For Shame Ladies

Then I stumbled upon this status, “Wait so a bunch of predatory online pinup pageants popped up and are popularity contests and you pay to enter? What pyramid scheme bs is this?” Maybe it was the clear ignorance of the above quoted statement (I did take this word for word), a lack of participation in their on-line presence or just plain troll like behaviour but sleep evaded me after that.

A Mindless Clone

The only person I need to remind myself of of their importance is me and only me. To stand in amongst the weeds or to be the only flower in the garden of my own serenity. I would rather blossom into my own image confident to stand alone then be accepted by your unreal ideology nothing more than a mindless clone.

One in a Million

Photo is of my beautiful friend Saviyance who shows me every day the strength and determination it takes to truly be a One in a Million in today’s modern World.

Perfecting the Grime

At least I know that when I do your friendship will stay by the wayside because who needs friends like that anyways. Sympathize with me when you need it but kick me to the curb when I don’t fit into your idealistic mold.