Love is Life

Love is love. All be it by chance. The happiest people alive are the ones surrounded by love. It makes the most sense to want to destroy this most basic human connection because in absence of it is when greed and selfishness set in.

Taken to Soon

Are we too deeply scarred and engrained from the past that we will never truly heal and move on. We see it in our sacrifies too humanity. The ones we lose too soon. The ones who laid down their lives for us, the ones who were barried to soon.

Valley of the Mean Girls

What makes us like that? Ravenous to feed and destroy everybody we can. There is no diplomacy just jealous faces and evil hearts. I hate who we have become. There is no sisterhood bond to destroy the evil intentions. We jump on to the next passing ship that promises immediate gratification and endless compliments to feed our evil ways

A Life by any Other Name

You know that feeling that you have when you are alone. Left in your own company you come up with thoughts and ideas that will either hinder or hurt. We fantasize about the future like it is promised to us somehow. We lash out at others thinking their existence doesn’t matter much to us and…