See Red, Not Orange

There would be satisfaction when Mother Nature retaliates but she always seems to take more innocent in her womanly rage. Who likes to see what they created being so eagerly destroyed. I didn’t settle, I was whitewashed when I hit 5. I remember our books in grade school were all about raising Indigenous fears and concerns. I remember having nightmares that they were all scalpers and coming for my hair. I was young and brainwashed, impresionable, young minds always are. We were made to believe that they were lovingly taken care of, getting “free” money for their sacrifice.

Self Worth?

Do you believe that born inside you is the chance to be something great if only you realized the value of your own currency. We spend our life times trying to operate in currencies that we were never destined to barter in. What a waste!

A Walk in the Grass

I don’t know who needs to hear this today but let me try and explain. It was along my walk with my pup to return my book on Western Plain Garden that there was even more clarity for me. Closing my eyes to appreciate the warmth and take in the smells I was hit with…

True Colours

I have been a constant work in progress since my son was born. I don’t believe that we necessarily are destined to stay the same. We grow, we expand, we evolve. We are no more the person yesterday than we are today and tomorrow is always just on the horizon. At times trying to understand…

The Biggest Sin of All

Sometimes not knowing the direction you are going can actually save you in a lot of ways. My fear of commitment kept me from tying myself to anybody for too long. Yes I long for companionship but sometimes I wonder if maybe we allowed somebody else’s dictation determine how we value our own self worth….