What Does Death Look Like?

What does death look like? Why I think he is in the faces of all of our family and friends. There is a clock that is always ticking for us and will keep doing so until the day that we get too old. Why is it we are scared when we are all destined to go through the same thing? I think it has to do with the unknown and all the uncertainty with it that death brinks.

Loving Your Potential

I have never stared into the eyes of evil. Not in any sort of memorable way. Not that I can remember however so what does that have to say? Say about me or those involved one thing I know for sure I am tired of fighting for the cause. An unknown entity or specific way of being. I will keep on trying till I win, I hope, unless of course I am dying. No regrets in life at least that is what I hope. Life may not make sense for many but I think it’s all in how you define it.

Coming to Terms

It’s hard to come to terms with the reality that the love of your life is not somebody I am meant to be with. For what he chose to do in life a mother could never forgive. I think about all the lives he changed that day and the ones he took away. My heart forever in limbo as I paid the ultimate price.

The Relentless Approach

My anxiety is crippling. I feel sick every time I move. I get sick often throughout the day. Mostly when he is berating me and trying to do everything to set me off. Does a partner purposely do everything in their power to watch a loved one fail? Today has felt like a doozy, at times I can barely breathe.