Release the Light

Well for starters I started reading regularly again. 25 pages with my morning coffee. My book of choice….crystals, please come and guide me to the light. Literally and figuratively and all things in between. If we are light and crystals  reflect light what do you think that can all mean? You can’t hide in and amongst the shadows and expect to be rewarded. You have to try and apply all that you are, religiously and meticulously and watch all the warmth and light that flys by.

Missing Most of All

We can twist the truth a million different ways but you can’t corrupt fact into faction. In fact the more ridiculous you claim the truth to be the farther from reality you seem. In life there will always be the sinner and the saint and for the most part we relate better with the sinner…

Loving On Ourselves

I know for me the closer I float towards my true authentic self the less I worry about the opinions of those that hate on me. I learned a bit ago that hate didn’t look good on me so if presented with this I quickly move along and go on my way. One thing is for sure we weren’t meant to be loved by everybody but maybe if we could begin with loving on ourselves the world wouldn’t be such a scary place.

Living Without Fear or Dying Because of It

We all have these incredible opportunities to live out our lives differently but there is always something that is holding us back. Call it an insecurity that resides within ourselves. Something that took a hold of us a long time. It dulled that sparkle that we used to look at the world with. Wide eyes…