Wound Up So Tight

We are all wound up so tight from the glitz and the glam and it makes us look for the weaknesses in our fellow man. We hunt for them constantly always out on the prowl how we dream of the day to have enough ammunition to take another down. Don’t we? Some don’t and some do and some of us are tired of losing. What’s one more time or two?

To Feel It

I look for it in everybody. Yet it is something I have only experienced once. That magical time you find yourself in the company of a star crossed soul you were destined to meet. In their company you can be anybody and you can achieve anything because it is in having them close that you finally feel complete.

The Right Pair of Shoes

The right pair of shoes changes everything. I am not just saying that. I have ALWAYS had shoes. I have worn many a pair. Some have permanently scared my feet in ways I can’t even explain. I think it was years walking in cement serving in heels but it has been a very long time since…