Day 21: 5 Minute Meditation

You attract blessings by being a blessing and by putt your best energy forward. People say to just let life be and enjoy the present moment. You can do that and at the same time look for something a bit more comfortable. The present moment is only present in that very moment before it becomes history. There is value in the past, there has to be, if only we knew what to focus on and of course where to look.

Tortured Past of the Present

If I keep my truth inside these walls to live another day will they finally be strong enough to stand and withstand the wrath of fury that is sure to be there waiting to greet us in it’s place? I am furthest from arrogant as I leave all that I thought I knew for something that was born inside me while I sleep. The only truth that I nurture now is safely tucked asleep. Away from the tortured past of the present that threatens to awaken our dreams.

A Union of Love or Sacrifice

“No happier post than this I ask, To live her laureate all my life. On wings of love uplifted free, And by her gentleness made great, I’ll teach how noble man should be To match with such a lovely mate” “There are rules for all our actions, even down to sleeping with a good grace….

Great Risk

Somebody who is authentic has nothing to hide. No shame. No lies, No games or time for extracurricular activities. In a world full of cheap knock off’s you can see how having an authentic heart would be something incredibly rare.

A Fairytale Gone Wrong

I can’t imagine the life one has to endure in order to deem it necessary to have all their pieces squished back together. You can never be rebuilt the same. When something rocks you to your core and brings you to the brinks of your own sanity what could it all mean anyways? For some…

To Take Down a Nazi

I am surrounded by perpetual chaos and I seem to run on auto-pilot. For as long as I can remember I had thee basic goals. The evolution of these goals continues as I add on to the ever growing list. My biggest desire is to connect with the outside world in a way that hopefully…

Soul On Fire

There is nothing more I can say to try and get the rest of the World to wake up. We sit here in our own stupefied stupors trying to justify our own thoughts of being.  I can’t help to feel a certain way when my husband says that what I want to do in a…

An Untimely Demise

Psssttt over here! Just between you and me. Are you listening? I have been plagued with these thoughts that I just need to express. I trust you. Will you listen? Will you tell me what you think? I have spent my lifetime trying to reach the deepest, darkest corners of my mind to make sense…

Shadows of Our Past

Time and the haunting way it mimics our fears, taunting our reality and permeating our dreams. To think in this moment and in just this moment makes no sense. It seems to be the only point in time that matters but the reality of it all is lost on the frantic mind. To think into…