The Monster in Me

I am the one whose supposed best friend broke into my parents house at 19 with my ex bf the love of my life. Imagine my horror as my best friend and her new best friend were all snuggled up to my ex. More justification of my value, worthless to all and the brunt of most jokes. It felt like everybody around me was happy with friends and families and I had none.

Valley of the Mean Girls

What makes us like that? Ravenous to feed and destroy everybody we can. There is no diplomacy just jealous faces and evil hearts. I hate who we have become. There is no sisterhood bond to destroy the evil intentions. We jump on to the next passing ship that promises immediate gratification and endless compliments to feed our evil ways

Success vs Succesful

Do you feel the difference? If I were to ask you what do you prefer and you can only choose one which one would you choose? The untrained eye will you tell you the same but a soul on fire can spot the difference in an instant. Can you describe a person that you see…

One Flew Over the Proverbial Cuckoo’s Nest

It seems these days we are either dying to stick in or dying to stick out. For those who always seem to be thrust into the limelight all they want is the peace that comes when tranquility sets in. Then there are those who are destined to live in the shadows who hope to one…

How Do You Determine Your Success?

The end goal of life is death so what is it we are supposed to be doing with all the stuff in between. We are constantly having these curveballs thrown at us that distract us from where we are going. When you feel on top of he World the Universe kicks you down a notch or too and says uhmmm ya there is no such thing as an easy life.