Growing Up in a Barn

Yesterday my husband decided to try out another creative insult. This time he lashed out at me, “Were you born in a barn?” To which I replied well no not exactly. I lived on a farm near my Grandparents barn and in all reality I was born in a hospital but lived in a trailer park for the first year of my life. And then he looked at me and told me to stop being stupid that it was a figurative of speech.

Hold My Breath

There is no good to come out of staying in his vicinty I wonder if I hold my breathe love will see me through? To have a man yell at you in anger for just taking up space is more than my childlike heart can even bare or even take. One day something will come and save me. My only hope is I am alive to see that day through. To be married to a man who sees more value in your demise than he has ever seen in your smile makes me want to say goodbye to this life once and for all.

Day 20: Write Out Every Feeling

The building blocks to a life well lived usually start from there. To nurture those in our family is to give them our unconditional love and support. What is missing from my life is a cheerleader, somebody to help me up when I fall down. Without a husband who cares and loves me I am just a middle aged lady growing cold.

Desperately Seeking Clarity

I wish that there was some magic wand that when needed we could have at our disposal. Trying to keep my mind busy on all things but what is really the problem I get lost in a World that happened before I was even born. The cyclone of emotions that keeps me in it’s vice…