Evolve Your Purpose

Well Color Street will change my life! Signing up when they launched in Canada was THE smartest thing!! They only just launched Aug 15th and already I hit my first Stylist goal!! So you have to have a means to help realize your dreams are you just become a hamster in a wheel spinning off to nowhere. Ask yourself this. Is the little bit of hard work bow worth it if it could one day evolve you into the person you were always born to be.

Destined to Live Differently

We would sell our soul to the devil if we thought salvation would be that easy.  We live in fear and forget that the only one with all the answers lays in wait inside of us. To scared to let our prisoner free out of fear of what the rest of the world will do or see. You see I have long since come to realize that maybe my suffering comes from a place out of discontent and not fear. Maybe my destiny is to live my ife a little bit differently to help others be their light.