MLM, Man, Myth, Legend?

Facts are facts and then they are always backed by the truth. Some of us can’t afford the cost or even the time when we are running a full house. Maybe it makes sense to say it is cheaper somewhere else but that is if you only buy into that idea that you buy one strip at I time. I don’t. I pass on the savings to all of my friends. We throw parties and love on each other at least that is my dream. It is Mr Park’s too if you know what I mean. I met the man in person I heard what he had to say. It is like the 1970’s Tupperware party but with nails and that makes my day!!

MLM Scam?

It’s not like I used my face as a canvas to help prove what I am talking about but c’est la vie and excuse me if I do take it a tad personal as I am trying to lead by example and obtain a better life. I am worth it and I know you are too I just chose not to be added to the ranks of the MLM scam by sliding into your DM’s. I do value my time as do yours so maybe you want to dig deeper into what I do and what I am truly passionate about xx

Beautiful Besties

By investing in me we share the same dream so of course I am investing in you too. Heck! I always promised if I started a Girl Gang that there would be jackets and so there shall be. As a thank you for joining the team and the vision a personalized “Beauty with Besties” jackets is my gift to you. Along with a trinket or two. This is our sisterhood, our vision, our team and together we can move mountains that started when we dared to dream.