The Liar

Good people are kind and don’t leave you with the slimy coating to wash off. Did they really think they can get away with speaking so much filth? I guess that is how they have chosen this lifetime to get off. Fake it till you make it and lie until you are finally heard. Never waiver on the vibe that you put out there or the masses will come to bury you in the dirt.

Crack A Lack

We shouldn’t gravitate towards another’s pain, anguish or heartbreak. We are drawn to it in ways that makes us run towards it like a moth to a flame. Sometimes in life though the flame will combust so that everyone can see.

The Pavement of Lies

The truth will set you free. What does that even mean the truth? Some of us like to dance around the truth like it isn’t there lurking in the depth of your own misconceptions that you have been drowning in all along. You can’t take the knife out of your back if there was never…