137 Shots

Ask your heart if your car back fired do you deserve to die? Ask your soul if your child was addicted to crack does that justify a police officer killing him? Imagine their fear inside that car as they new they were about to get executed by police. Colored parents shouldn’t have to tell their children be more careful then your white friends at school because everybody you know will look down at you differently. Don’t play outside. Don’t hang out with friends. I am sorry for who we are and that we are made to live differently. As a child you can’t see how cruel men are and how the men on top will always see you differently.

The Monster Beside Me

Basic human compassion and decency is something very unfamiliar to most. I see it in the ways we interact with each other. In all the ways we decide in which to play. Drugs and alcohol is consumed to announce the arrival of a new party. Celebrating long into the night while thousands of others suffer with no identity. We carry on like those who came before us were never good enough to make an impact so let’s just forget about them and take their land. We will consume all that it means to be human and in it’s place we will stand tall as incurable men with a noxious disease. That is how I see things lately. There are far too many willing to never understand.