A Squish of the Cheek

There is an honor that comes in just being here and being able to experience this moment so no matter how trying it is I am not ready to even think of letting go. Than the truth comes in and thatcan never be taken away from me that when thus moment of time is ready to it will just split us apart and take this moment away. How I long to experience that moment between divine and forever eternity I am too scared of the living but I am more scared to let go. Can I just be fabulous for one more moment in the presence of those who loved me most? Can they breathe the life of youth one more time right back onto me I will settle for one more hug and a squish of the cheek before they go.

A Number’s Game

I try to put things into perspective but into perspective for what? We have all been lead astray into the unknown robbing Peter to pay Paul. We tell those who we think will get us further ahead a different lie then we tell the beggars and the poor. Anterior motives bloom in plentiful enough to spill over into any room. Why have a friend when you can keep a foe? At least you know the intentions of the later and the other is just a numbers game of what for?

Things I am Unlearning

Or this sideways annonymosity that they think we all can’t see. Holy barfaramma Bat Man you need to get a life! I see you over there being all green for all the things that make me me. I don’t hate you for being you for any reason I want us all to be successful in this game called life. C’EST LA VIE!

Just Show Up

Good people don’t thrive inside the shadows. They come alive with the promise of a new day. Sure your feet become tired and your ego is bruised and your heart threatens to shut down completly but today is the day your life just might change completly. Just keep your blinders on and nose down because love and faith will release. Release you from the negative intentions of those who wish to destroy you and into the arms of those whose love will heal you.

Self Worth?

Do you believe that born inside you is the chance to be something great if only you realized the value of your own currency. We spend our life times trying to operate in currencies that we were never destined to barter in. What a waste!

Transparent Insecurities

What is stopping us from living the greatest life we have ever known. Is it the distant whispers from people who don’t matter or is it your own insecurities shining through?