The Bogeyman

I don’t know what type of human could want to hurt another being in this way. to take another to the brink of extinction while having your perverse fantasies filled along the way. To look into the eyes of children and want to steal the light from their eyes. As a child our parents are…

Childhood Whispers

As I hold my breath and watch you, you leave your seat and take flight. Like an angel returning to the Heavens, all I see is your light. How I wish I could fly one more time with you and tell you how sorry I am. I am sorry I failed you and your life was taken to soon. My heart won’t forget you. We will always have recess and you can meet me at the swings, ontop of the monkey bars where the lonely ol bluebird sings.

Taken to Soon

Are we too deeply scarred and engrained from the past that we will never truly heal and move on. We see it in our sacrifies too humanity. The ones we lose too soon. The ones who laid down their lives for us, the ones who were barried to soon.

Lost Dreams and Words Unsaid

I can’t get enough of that sweet little girl, Anne Frank. Reading her words and bringing her dreams once again to life breaks my heart because I already know the outcome. We know she existed because she left her words as our gift.

The Tiring of My Mind

To say I am lost is an understatement when half of you is being kept underground. So if that living half of me is such a disgrace does anything I do make sense? If I have nowhere to go into eternity do I float free, free of thought?

Where There is Winners There are Losers

I wonder if the winners ever think about the losers. Kind of a harsh way of saying it but I have come to think about this a lot lately. Maybe it is my love for pageantry that outlines a clear winner and loser. If you didn’t obtain that coveted Queen crown then didn’t you in…

Are We Losing our Civility and Humanity

Please excuse my ignorance. I suppose now the term is white privilege. I am not minimizing any facts. My truth is I was born white of European descent on a farm in British Columbia. I had no idea we were supposed to segregate and be biased, categorizing our friends, neighbours and extended family. I tried…

My Over Emphatic Heart

To me these words I share with you is all that I give to the World. There are many people that I could turn to yet there is so much shame in just beginning to form the words and release them from my lips. Every step of the way I am told to not be…