The Err of Human

It’s like none of us ever existed. He washed his hands free. He has nothing to do with any of us. He hates us all for whoever is watching to see. I can’t imagine a woman who would shun her mates family. Painting them evil so you end up focusing on her white trash instead. The apples don’t fall far from the tree. How can your offspring be content in not wondering who this mysterious man in their life.

Light Up Your Life

We fall for who they could have been. A reminder of the character they played before. Once they try to overlap the main characters it is something you can no longer ignore. There are those who lie and then there are those who cheat and there are always those ready to defy the rest of the world.

A Vain Existence

In and amongst the chaos all I hear is white noise. I don’t have much in common with the outside world anymore. My heart beats a little bit differently. Scarred from the loss of innocent lives throughout time their haunting whispers move through me.

World At Our Fingertips

These days there is not too much in the ways of intellectual conversation. My son is 3 and everybody else only communicates with me by showing me their love. There should be surprises that I have found a way to acquire my farm without even having to leave the city limits. In fact my husband…

Through the Eyes of a Child

Our children are our greatest gift and the biggest travesty of all time is when we fail to shelter them from all harm. The most we can hope is to empower them with knowing how valuable their existence is to become.

Precious Moments

I saw this meme this morning that kind of made me laugh. Then it made me feel sorry for the way the World is. Who we have become. The meme in question was about how it was Friday and the best part was going to Blockbuster with Dad. That was one of the best parts…