Level Up

I am not here to swindle anybody just to empower you in your life. I don’t want to shine alone in my journey I want to have you all shine too. My dream is to have a sorority for middle aged women where we can all come together and have a safe place. My dreams don’t come true until we are all safe preferably alone on our Island living our dreams.

The Trigger Women

I am far from perfect and I am super emotional I think that is something that scares most people off. I am not scared to say what my heart feels because even when you say what they want to hear they will still cast you aside. It is so weird to me to be in the company of women and listen to them bash somebody else not in their presence I would rather stay home then listen to that noise.

Unfriend, Block, Delete

When a friend waivers in being a good friend to me I have to lead them to pasture and I have to set them free. If a so called friend can betray you with the million of eyes that social media can bring I can close my two eyes and severe the tie that may be. I value my time and space and the people I hold dear. I am yet to regret anybody that has found themselves at the end of unfriend, block, delete.

Stronger Standing On My Own

When was the last time you felt free from the control of others? Why do we make it a condition to our existence the acceptance of others? Conformity should terrify us. It should make us run away in fear but in some alter reality it is the fear that binds us and all others appear as strays.

A Woman Scorned

There is nothing as terrifying as a woman scorned. Nothing lingers longer in the air either. You can always tell which two birds have had a fight cuz never again will their feathers settle the same way again. They will become quick to outburst while crying tears of “oh poor me” never letter their guard down for a second.

Fame, Fortune, Sex

Some time last year I had I friend send to me these exact words, “I don’t trust you.” With those four words I immediately cut the chord. When she uttered those words what she really said is, “you can’t trust me,” so I took her words for gold. We should never surround ourselves with those who don’t trust us or who are always trying to steal our light.

Miserable Discontent

What I see is imagery that would make me feel ashamed in the context that I grown accustomed to and it would be false for me to continue on this path. I am evolving into a form that doesn’t rely so much on the outside acceptance and gratification of the outside World. I have spent enough years avoiding who I am and my true calling and truth be told it is time I return to my roots.

The Feeling is Mutual

Friends like you are a dime a dozen. I can take a walk in any park and come out of it way wiser than any deep conversation I have ever shared with you. I won’t be sad because it is over. I won’t even remember you come next year. Where once you were a ray of light you are now a dark poisonous thundercloud laying in wait to take the next soul down with you.

The Whatever B*tches

And when they do sever all ties why let the poison ride. Keep enemies at arms length. They become the whatever’s in life, the b*tch part added for simple comedic affect.

The Descent

I need to recede back to who I once was when times were simpler. I was never meant to follow with the masses burying those in our wake who didn’t conform to our ideology. I think if I wouldn’t have fully understood that I was never born to fit in maybe the whole transition would have been easier.