The Whatever B*tches

And when they do sever all ties why let the poison ride. Keep enemies at arms length. They become the whatever’s in life, the b*tch part added for simple comedic affect.

The Descent

I need to recede back to who I once was when times were simpler. I was never meant to follow with the masses burying those in our wake who didn’t conform to our ideology. I think if I wouldn’t have fully understood that I was never born to fit in maybe the whole transition would have been easier.

The Toxic and the True

Some people are so thick in there own shade that they just want to sit there and criticize anybody who’s voice may differ from their own. Judging by the reaction of these mediocre mice one would say that I hit the query on the nose.

F*ck a Fake Friend

Oh gosh not literally. But every time I have a fight with one of those mentioned above I always hear these lyrics by Drake on repeat, “F*ck a fake friend, where your real friends at?We don’t like to do too much explainin’Story stayed the same, I never changed it.” What I love about these creatures…

Can Women Be Friends?

Until you have clung on to a dead man trying to breathe in the gift of life your comparison of our struggles mean nothing to me. What I wanted was a friend. What I got was the ultimate betrayal. You win some and you lose some and what I know now is I am so thankful that it is only your friendship that I lost. Anything else I can survive.

To Be Loved

All I can say is those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You may have slapped me in the face but never again. All I ever wanted was a friend, a confidante, somebody to love me and me love them. I want to feel like I belong somewhere and not like I am going to disappear. Somebody, somewhere please hug me I am starving to be loved.

Feeling Loved

So lately I have been reaching out to people in my life. Especially those I really care about and miss. I was starting to take it personal when you could see they read your messages and just ignore you. Or theirs the ones you constantly try and visit with but they are just too busy….