Living Different

We aren’t going anywhere. There is no escaping the inevitable so why insist on bending  and conforming others to your will. Everything changes in a blink in an eye good intentions formed from bad decisions that make it impossible for anybody to go back.

Journey to Self Love

I miss good people. I miss being pregnant too but like the ways of passage everything seems to dissolve into nothing at least common decency was  the first to go. It is hard for me to feel accepted in the land of sabre tooth smiles and shark bites.  I only played the game out of fear of what would happen to me not because it was something I wanted to be or do.

Like Mind Like You

I guess in essence this is how most of us feel, isn’t it. My husband is always asleep and never notices me. Unless of course I am spending money then nothing gets him picking up the phone faster. My son is screaming in that language that I should understand but it is the last word…

So Much White Noise

Underneath the white noise I found a song that my heart recognizes in order to awaken my soul. It is incredible to think that during a time of such uncertain unrest and chaos there is still the ability to strive for better days.