“She’s Not Pin-Up”

So am I Pin-Up? Heartbreakingly I will have to now say no. Those I thought had the best intentions for the world had fallen from grace in my eyes. I used to adore and admire their positive ways but fell out of love with them for obvious reasons. When you hold the public’s eye captive for even a moment you have a responsibility to live differently.

Promise of Better Days

Ignorance is bliss unless you want to be empowered. You can’t claim not knowing for every little thing. The true way to heal and bond in the way that life was meant to be is to stop feeding into the lies and pave your own way. Yes it is easier to do what we have already been conditioned to believe but in doing so I fail to feel and I fail to truly breathe. I want to feel all the things the good, bad and the ugly. If others had to endure this incredible pain then I want to do what I can to disperse it.

The Cry of Innocence

Who do you cry for when there is nobody left to mourn? Can you even shed a tear for those that were stolen from us way too soon without even knowing who they were? Can you feel the way the World beats a little bit differently now that they are gone or do you forget…

Raising Hope

There is a reason why we say the rich get richer because they do, at our expense. They want us to live in poverty forever buying off the dollar menu because if we deprive our bodies we will eventually deprive our mind and souls so it will become far easier for those that be to keep us controlled.

The Hands of Evil (The Weaker Man)

We don’t want to risk our lives because we are too selfish to reach for that outstretched hand because we somehow put a higher value on ourselves. When I find out how many ways when given the chance the people who walked amongst us failed each other I can’t stop the tears from coming. I want to purify my soul and make it so it doesn’t hurt but I can’t forget what we have lost and continue to lose at the hands of evil, the weaker man.

In Defense of Our Children

So many of you are quick to pass blame or pity on how it is that I can sit here in a marriage that isn’t ideal. For starters for better or worse, and sickness and in health. He had my back at a time when nobody did. So as a wife I also need to…

Only My Life Matters

I wonder what it would feel like to wake up from this nightmare. To be able to feel and express ourselves the way nature intended to. To love our neighbours and not fear what is waiting for us in the shadows. In a world where people develop a conscience and want to do good instead…

In the Light of Day

Did you ever think what you would do with your life if you knew your time was about to end. Imagine hearing the tick of the clock every time that hand moves.  Your thoughts will linger to the places that you dared not go…or maybe you did. In a continuous loop I ask myself if…