Living Anew

I cry for those who can no more and I find comfort in my sweet baby bird. She dances in my hand like Sunshine and sings the happiest of tunes. That is what it feels like to me anyways. My moods have been shifty even more so these days but Miss Anne sure had the right idea when she said nature fixes everything. When you look into the eyes of any animal, especially one you connect with a certain magic transforms the best of you.

Nothing Else Matters

We are oblivious to each other. And nothing much matters and I don’t think any space of time sadly will ever change that.

Never Send in a Man

Littered throughout history are these great men but standing in their shadows was an even greater woman. No man can ever truly find real success when lead by his own heart. Success comes from having a heart of a woman and the determination to set the world on fire without actually doing so. We have…

Evolution is at a Crossroads

Damned to mediocrity failing by design. We are our fathers. We are our forefathers. We continue to make the same mistakes that they did but being blindly ignorant. Fighting, protests and outburst of anger means we are failing. I am not talking to about those that fear for their existence. Who have witnessed the amount…

Impervious to Being Human

“Someone who considers religion or nation an important human category is in danger of severing the heart from its ability to act compassionately.” The Essentials of Rumi, Coleman Barks. Can you imagine a World where we aren’t identified by the God we worship or the country we came from? We try to convince ourselves that…